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03 Jun 2015

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio: Getting Traction or Faltering?

In the ever burgeoning pool of Republican presidential candidates, Rand Paul is playing a dangerous game speaking out against Republicans, even blaming them for the growth of ISIS. Paul states: “They have consistently been wrong on foreign policy for the past 20 years.” How will this maverick streak work for him going forward and is he biting the hands that feed him? Is he telegraphing...

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Senators Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul
29 Apr 2014

The Dangerous Allure of the Shiny New Toy

Often, voter disappointment with current leadership and big media’s boredom with the experienced pols waiting in the wings prompts us to turn over a new rock and give untested candidates a chance.  The advantages to such persons are obvious.  They have no record of any significance to hang around them, as their complaints against ‘the man’ are all we have to go on.  “Damned straight,”...

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