Tag: #WomensMarch

LA Today, photo by John Paul Farmer
22 Jan 2017

What Did the #WomensMarch Accomplish For You?

The latest count of protesters who joined the #WomensMarch yesterday stands at 4.5 million. Per Think Progress, far from this being a bunch of “coastal elites” protesting the Trump inauguration, there were “more than 500 protests in the U.S. and dozens more around the world,” and staggering numbers from “Real America”, that includes “crowds of 100,000 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, 12,000 in Omaha, Nebraska, 12,000 in...

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Hillary Clinton/photo by Stu Collins, used by permission
19 Jan 2017

The Women’s March Ought to Recognize Hillary, Too

This Saturday, in protest of a controversial, possibly compromised election and the inauguration of a man who made his way to the podium via demagoguery, thousands, perhaps millions, of women and supportive men will march on Washington, D.C., in cities around the country and even the world. They will march to peacefully remind of our values, diversity, equality, our civil rights and the rule of...

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