Coming Soon — Anita's New Book    [...Stay Tuned for My Title Reveal...]

Growing up, I was taught that, for my own safety, I had better keep my opinions to myself.

To now be so outspoken, particularly about women’s empowerment, is quite the transformation. The roots of my change from chameleon and people-pleaser to activist could be found in my close but contentious relationship with my beloved mother. I grew out of my old container, sometimes in defense of her, sometimes in spite of her!

My need to understand—and share—what was healing in our challenging journey inspired my new memoir.

Take a look…

Making the decision to handle my mom’s care was a defining moment. I may as well have tried pasting fur onto a fly. Mom told me I “ruined her life.” In her eyes, I was either bad cop or worse cop.

Determined to serve despite being aghast at our role reversal, I became my mother’s mother—while reacting to her like an angry child. I took personally Mom’s wrath at her loss of autonomy, the clock ticking as I ached to make peace with her before losing her.

My new book takes an affecting, funny, and at times harrowing look at two women hungry to find each other despite belief systems that were centuries apart. Reliving pivotal life events while we careened down rough road helped me to unearth the reasons for our many battles—and lay to rest demons that had haunted me most of my adult life.

Our journey taught me to value, and stand up for, both of us.



An insightful, entertaining touchstone not only for dealing with and honoring an elderly parent, but for digging deep to find forgiveness, empowerment and closure.