You Ruined My Life And You Stole My Bra

a Mother/Daughter Love Story
by Anita Finlay

"My mom has always been my hero but when I made the decision to handle her care,
it felt like I was trying to paste fur onto a fly.”


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This book is the moving, yet often hilarious memoir of a woman who found a most unlikely way to heal her relationship with her mercurial mother.

A candid, insightful, entertaining touchstone not only for dealing with—and honoring—an elderly parent, but for digging deep to find forgiveness, empowerment and closure.

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Despite her best efforts to sidestep landmines in a turbulent household, Anita grew up fighting.

She spent as much time defending her hard-working mother to a brilliant but abusive father as she did defending herself from her mom's criticism. Finally cobbling together a joyful life, Anita feared that becoming her mother’s mother would ruin the paradise she’d struggled to build. But with the clock ticking ever faster, she ached to make peace with her beloved mom before losing her.

Careening down the bumpy road of elder care while revisiting pivotal life events, Anita unearthed the reasons for their many battles—determined to lay to rest the demons that had haunted her most of her adult life.

A note from Anita

This book may seem a departure from the writing those of you who frequent my site have come to know. But without the life altering experiences I had in reinventing my relationship with my mother, I would never have learned to value, celebrate and stand up for myself and her—or have the courage to have a voice and write anything...

Join me on this extraordinary journey!
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Anita Finlay is also the author of the #1 Amazon Women In Politics Bestseller DIRTY WORDS ON CLEAN SKIN.