Rand Paul and Marco Rubio: Getting Traction or Faltering?

03 Jun 2015

Can Either Rand Paul or Marco Rubio Get Traction?In the ever burgeoning pool of Republican presidential candidates, Rand Paul is playing a dangerous game speaking out against Republicans, even blaming them for the growth of ISIS. Paul states: “They have consistently been wrong on foreign policy for the past 20 years.” How will this maverick streak work for him going forward and is he biting the hands that feed him? Is he telegraphing that the Republican brand is so damaged, he must to appear to run from it? Political strategist and Shawna Vercher says, “He’s just trying to stand out.  How genuine his words are remains to be seen.”

Author and commentator Anita Finlay shared some data illustrating the chasm between the talking points Senator Paul offers during his outreach to various coalitions versus his actions: “Are voters going to buy the talking points, or will they ask what’s behind doors number two and three?”

But Paul seems to be faring better than the stumbling Senator Rubio whose recent remarks on gay marriage and the “persecution” of Christians seem designed to be a commercial that will haunt him down the road.  Then again, Senator Paul seems to undo himself even at the moment he is gaining his footing with comments like these against his own colleagues: “Some of them, I think, secretly want there to be an attack on the United States so they can blame it on me.”  His backpedaling has already begun.

Co-hosts Shawna Vercher and Anita Finlay would love your input on the kind of coalition Senators Paul and Rubio are aiming for. Will it be enough for either to take the nomination or are they destined for the back burner?

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