Yet, She Persisted. And So Must We All.

08 Feb 2017
Yet, She Persisted #LetLizSpeak

Elizabeth Warren, Wikipedia Commons, Google, labeled for reuse

Today, when Senator Elizabeth Warren stood on the Senate floor to quote civil rights activist Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter exposing Senator Jeff Sessions’ racist past and unfitness for a Federal Judgeship, Warren was gaveled to silence by #SpecialSnowflake Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Warren relayed to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that she was “red-carded” – forbidden to speak any further in reference to the confirmation hearings of Senator Jeff Sessions: the last man who should ever be our Attorney General. Later, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) read that same letter. So, male Senators can read the letter aloud. But Warren, (a woman) reading the words of another (black) woman to criticize a (white) man, that made McConnell’s (and presumably all GOP) heads explode. Let. That. Sink. In.

Anyone who thinks our battles on behalf of civil rights and women’s rights are done is in a denial so deep, words fail.

The opposition to Senator Jeff Sessions becoming Attorney General is not political posturing. Both Dems and the GOP found him (racist) unfit to serve as a Federal Judge in 1986. His behavior has not improved with age and is even more disgraceful in light of thirty years of progress.

Further, that McConnell shut Warren down and not Merkley telegraphs that McConnell thinks women should speak when spoken to. With GOP now fully in control of Government, we are living a never ending “Mad Men” loop.

Today’s narrow confirmations of Sessions as AG, along with the unqualified billionaire Betsy Devos as Education Secretary again clarify the chilling shortsightedness and dire consequences of 53% of white women so afraid of “the other,” they empowered this thug-ocracy and young Millennial women so taking their rights for granted that they shunned Hillary Clinton – on whose shoulders they stand.

McConnell’s silencing of Warren is a moment he may live to regret. His condescending words have already become a feminist clarion call: “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Yes, Mr. McConnell, we will “persist”.  There are very few women in the work force today who have not experienced this disgraceful treatment in one form or another.

I think this tweet-stream says it best:

The Women’s March, comprised of millions here and around the world was but the first shot across the bow. Led and organized by women, in part inspired by Hillary Clinton’s “tip of the spear” historic candidacy, this has been followed hard upon by Acting AG Sally Yates, several female Judges fighting back against Trump’s unconstitutional “Muslim ban”, the successful #GrabYourWallet Campaign, the outspokenness of a number of women Senators, led by Warren, and just this weekend, actress Melissa McCarthy’s brilliant Sean Spicer impression on SNL – all of which have been giving this White House fits.

None of this shows any signs of abating and based upon Senator Warren’s disgraceful treatment by Senator McConnell and his brethren today, there can’t be any let up.

Finally, as Secretary Clinton points out, yes, she persisted.  So must we all.



  1. Anita– great article! Thank you so much for your articulate activism! Elisa

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