Yes, Hillary is Trustworthy

29 Mar 2016

Hillary Clinton's Campaign Video Jam Packed With Subliminal Messages

Hillary Clinton is rated by Politifact, a Pulitzer Prize winning organization, to be more honest and trustworthy than any candidate running in the 2016 election on either side. Jill Abramson, formerly New York Times’ Executive Editor, who has long investigated Clinton – and certainly is no fan of hers – came to the same conclusion. Kevin Drum shares this and more in Mother Jones. So what’s behind the innuendo from click-bait driven news organizations? From whence do these talking points originate and what is the endgame?

When anyone starts whispering right wing talking points in your ear, question their source and their motives. Karl Rove and his right-wing ilk have spent 25 years trying to discredit Hillary Clinton.  In regards to the 2016 election, it’s the oldest political trick in the book to pick your opponent. Republicans want to run against a weaker candidate. Aided by a corporate owned media hungry for a horse race, Republicans stay quiet about Bernie Sanders weaknesses and record, knowing that once he’s vetted (he has not been), and is hit by the well-funded Republican attack machine to which he has never been subjected, he can easily be beaten in the fall.

On the other hand, Hillary has been dragged through the mud by these characters, with the mainstream media breathlessly acting as their stenographers, for 25 years. She has emerged stronger than ever. That’s why Republicans, or anyone with an agenda to see her lose, try to kneecap her with innuendo about “trustworthiness”.

Despite their efforts, she’s still standing. So either Hillary’s very smart, they’re very stupid, or they never had anything to begin with and these shadowy accusations are political hogwash, to use Morgan Freeman’s words.

A few things to remember. Hillary graduated from Yale Law and could have gone anywhere for any amount of money. Instead she spent seven years working for the Children’s Defense Fund, doing pro bono work helping children and kids with disabilities. She’s also long worked to help the poorest among us.

She worked as a young lawyer in South Carolina. She went undercover in Alabama as a 24 year old to stop segregation in Alabama private schools and remove their Federal funding. She has a superb record fighting for First Responders, veterans, to stop human trafficking, she shepherded the Adoption and Safe Families Act, helped to create SCHIP insuring 8 million children, and helped reform the education system in Arkansas when she was First Lady of the state.

Hillary has been a powerful advocate and champion for women worldwide. She did so at risk to her own career and well before the cause was popular. She has never stopped connecting the dots — making the argument that women’s economic participation, access to health care, freedom and full rights are not only good from a moral standpoint, but an economic one as well. Then she shows you the math.

As I had earlier reported, as a Senator, she co-sponsored legislation to raise the minimum wage on five different occasions, was prescient in predicting and cautioning against the housing collapse and offered economic prescriptions praised by Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman.

Andrei Cherny also noted in The Daily Beast that in 2007, Wall Street “hated the idea of a Financial Product Safety Commission,” by little-known Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren. Senator Hillary Clinton put it at the heart of her “Fair Credit for Families Agenda.”   Cherny shared that both Bill and Hillary Clinton had long pushed “a problem solving populism” that produced results.

Hillary Clinton has so many relevant accomplishments, every other candidate looks small next to her.

Frankly, after writing a copiously researched book detailing all that she brings to the table, to have to re-litigate her trustworthiness or her worth as a candidate for President is depressing. She must still over-leap a standard of purity no man could match – nor would he be asked to do so. Perhaps we should ask ourselves why a woman is expected to hold up the banner for all womanhood when a man can be, well, just a man, have a questionable record (or in the case of Trump, be a belligerent ass with no record at all) and get traction.

We must fight against false narratives wherever we see them. Hillary has a great record on domestic issues along with foreign policy experience, street cred and respect around the world that is unrivaled. Before anyone repeats anything negative about her, they need to take the time to look up her resume.

Reviewing her 40+ years of advocacy and accomplishment, to say such a person is “untrustworthy” doesn’t even make sense. No one guilty of such a flaw would work as hard as she has for the causes she has over a lifetime. See if ANY male candidate could withstand the scrutiny and criticism leveled at her. I doubt it.

Not only is she trustworthy, she is the only candidate out there that I trust with my security, the economy, our country and my vote.

There is no question she is the best choice for President of the United States.



  1. Kathleen Wynne Says: March 30, 2016 at 7:46 am

    You think MSNBC or CNN will report this? If not, you have to include them with Karl Rove and his ilk. Anita, you should send this to the Bernie Bros. I can imagine the childish fits which would surely be thrown by them which shows that Hillary is more trustworthy than their precious one.

  2. Glen Kielley Says: March 30, 2016 at 11:29 am

    The untrustworthy argument has been shoved down people’s throats for so long even Hillary may believe it. When I ask people for an example of her untrustworthy behavior they can’t think of any.

  3. Kent Walker Says: March 31, 2016 at 10:25 am

    In all honesty, I have been following this republican “talking point’, now hashtag of some sort I suppose, and it has been a constant “rope a dope” type hammering of her on this one point. To date, she has answered more inquiries, hearings, and investigations– most highly partisan, and at the taxpayers’ expense– and they have proved no “wrong doing”, nor have any laws have been broken.

  4. James VanCise Says: March 31, 2016 at 3:21 pm

    looked up her resume. She’s not in favor of re-instating Glass/Steagall (she can add all the “Bells & Whistles she wishes.). She also favors TPP & NAFTA. Not a good start.

    We can do better-“we have the technology” 🙂

  5. Kathleen Wynne Says: April 4, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Anita, has Elizabeth Warren endorsed Bernie?

  6. Laura Flynn Says: April 5, 2016 at 10:53 am

    I’ll just use yesterday’s example of why I don’t trust Hillary Clinton. (Monday April 4, 2016)
    Yesterday Hillary Clinton stood on a stage with Gov. Andrew Cuomo as he signed a $15 minimum wage bill into law. Hillary didn’t support a $15 minimum wage. She would only go up to $12. This is a fact. Bernie Sanders actually marched in the rain with New Yorkers who were Fighting for $15, but he wasn’t invited to the stage as Cuomo signed the bill into law. And Bernie is a native New Yorker.
    I’ve got more examples, but I’ll just use the most current.

    • FoodieCubed Says: May 21, 2016 at 4:27 pm

      The Democratic Party has drawn the battle line at $12 per hour, and had a plan to do so gradually, with plans to halt in event of unexpected consequences. In cities with higher cost of living, it can go higher. That’s what Hillary believes, and that’s what NY is doing. It’s easy to say it needs to be even higher, like $15/hr federally (why not $20/hr?) and break with the party to distinguish oneself. But that doesn’t mean it’s a responsible stance – particularly when opposition party rejected minimum wage hike (, nor does it mean Hillary doesn’t support $15/hr where it’s achievable. NY has higher cost of living than other parts of the US. It can afford higher minimum wage than other parts of the country.

      Here’s what said: “Sanders’ has a point that he is calling for a federal minimum wage that would be $3 more an hour than what Clinton says she favors. However, he misses the nuance that Clinton is also supportive of local efforts to raise the minimum wage to $15. We rate his claim Mostly True.” But obviously that nuance is important, as many unobservant people like you misunderstood Hillary’s position.

      Bernie Sanders can claim Brooklyn as birthplace, but he had long abandoned NY for Vermont. Brooklyn and New York in general overwhelmingly supported Clinton.

  7. lets see. this must have been written before the panama papers. Hillary and deutche bank. real honest. real ethical. real bullshit. I find it hard to believe that you would think that honest people will look and that, and say yes, shes honest. honestly.

    • Carroll King Says: April 6, 2016 at 9:36 am

      Dear God, of course, Hillary is the head of the whole thing!!! Her work with CDF? Just part of an elaborate plan to make her seem liberal. The 30 years of personal attacks and lies from the right? A well thought out, -nay- prescient, plot by republicans to slip her into office. Kind of like when the international socialist club arranged for a birth certificate to be forged in Hawaii in 1961, because they knew a black kid named Barack Hussein Obama would be a shoe-in for the White House 47 years later, if he hadn’t been Kenyan.

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