Will Gowdy Tiptoe Around Hillary Now That Benghazi Committee Revealed as Farce?

21 Oct 2015

Will Gowdy Tiptoe Around Hillary Now That Benghazi Committee Revealed as Farce?

When Hillary once again testifies before the “Special” Benghazi Committee on October 22nd, she will have the wind at her back. Chief investigator Rep. Trey Gowdy is now running scared. He has just given back donations he received from Stop Hillary PAC (the group that aired an anti-Hillary ad so grotesque, even two moms of Benghazi victims were appalled). Gowdy was forced to admit he had altered documents in an effort to smear Hillary Clinton and he has been caught in lie after lie. Republican Representatives McCarthy and Hanna first let the cat out of the bag, then Senior Committee Democrat Elijah Cummings produced documentation confirming that Gowdy’s Committee is a witch hunt designed to stop a formidable opponent. Big media has revealed the “investigative” Committee’s true purpose to the point that Gowdy is now whining about attacks on his “character.”  Will Mr. Gowdy play it safe, putting on a show of civility at the upcoming hearing in an effort to rescue his damaged reputation?

Media Strategist and author Shawna Vercher states, “Those who are participating in this sideshow have made Congress a sideshow, too. It is not the job of elected officials to use oversight authority to destroy an opponent’s presidential candidacy. Now, Republican committee members are no more than employees of their Party, using and abusing donor access.”

After listing the litany of recent revelation debunking the Benghazi Committee’s alleged high purpose, author and commentator Anita Finlay, stated “Whatever Democrats’ problems at this point, they can boast of debating the issues. If Republicans want to double down on the antics of this discredited Committee, it does not speak well for what they’ll offer voters on kitchen table issues going forward. One might want to keep that in mind when watching this hearing unfold on the 22nd.”

Click here for a timeline on the implosion of the Benghazi Committee.  Who will pay the price?

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  1. William Peck Says: October 21, 2015 at 8:56 am

    What I don’t understand is why nobody brings up the fact that the Republicans denied the State Department’s requests for increased security funding in the middle east [especially Libya] and, in fact reduced it, just before the Benghazi atrocity. I would think this would be a slam dunk for Hillary against this committee!!!!!

    • Louann Neville Says: October 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm

      You are right! I hope that Secretary Clinton wastes no time in reminding others of this as viewership, I believe, will be high. It is perfect opportunity.

    • Anita Finlay Says: October 22, 2015 at 12:15 am

      Thanks for commenting, William. This is a fact that is rarely mentioned by the mainstream press. It is to their advantage to make this more of a horse race by regularly added to Secretary Clinton’s troubles. Unfortunately, she has received so much sensationalized, knee-jerk, negative coverage, they don;t know how to act any other way. They also believe every outrageous Republican talking point, whether out of gullibility or in a hunt for click-bait.

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