Why Do “Brogressives” Fight Female Leadership?

03 Nov 2015

Why Do “Brogressives” Fight Female Leadership?Why do we still demand impossible metrics for women on likeability, “authenticity” and credibility while automatically conferring those qualities upon men? Senator Bernie Sanders got in some hot water last week owing to senior campaign operatives’ remarks about being “willing to consider” Hillary Clinton for Vice President and “consenting to interview her.” His adviser’s statements were as insecure as they were condescending, considering Clinton is beating Sanders nationally to the tune of 25+ points. Good for Sanders for disavowing their inappropriate behavior. Yet, as Amanda Marcotte noted, it’s not just about sexist remarks – but how those attitudes stand in the way of women  achieving equal pay, advancement and acceptance in positions of leadership.

Media strategist Shawna Vercher states that, “When we get to see a woman candidate without the media’s filter, and her abilities shine through, that does more to dispel sexist notions and help us conceive of the possibility of a female Commander in Chief. Otherwise we’ll just keep debating and complaining about sexist comments with no change.”

Author and Commentator Anita Finlay noted that Hillary Clinton’s grace under pressure during her recent 11-hour long marathon grilling by a hostile, disrespectful Benghazi “special committee” “won her more fans and grassroots contributors than her attackers could possibly have imagined.” Which brings us to the next question: Do women first have to survive being burned at the stake in order for us to take them seriously, or find them “likable”?

Isn’t it time to confront our society’s ridiculous double standards? Sanders people proved that it’s not only the right that puts women down – while it may be a matter of degree, clearly some on both sides need to work on checking their bias at the door.

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  1. Gretchen Crownhart Says: November 4, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I am certainly not against women in leadership. I will vote for Secretary Clinton if she is the nominee. Senator Sanders says things that we all need to hear forcefully and my hope is that more people – men and women start saying the same things whether they are running for office or not! We’ve got to create distinct controversy to get the attention of more press.

    • Kathleen Wynne Says: November 5, 2015 at 12:24 pm

      I agree with with Bernie says, but in reality, the chances of getting what he wants through congress is just not realisitic. Like Hillary, I am a progressive who likes to get things done. Bernie also said Hillary should stop shouting about integration and equal pay, etc., but he shouts all the time. He doesn’t get that he shouts through his speeches. That’s the disconnect. The broprogressives are equally as monosogynistic as the republicans but have been given a free pass because we always believed they thought of women as equals until Hillary ran for President the first time around and we got “bros before hos” posters. Bernie says a lot of things that most dems agree with, but what’s the point of demanding something we will never get. I agree with Hillary, ask for things that you can get, that’s where change begins. Talk is cheap and accomplishes nothing, if not backed by action.

  2. Umm, did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, that a lot men are fine with a woman as President, but they just have a problem with THIS woman? Hillary is a centrist who has had to be dragged leftward by Sanders, and she’s also a Clinton. I’m sick and tired of the Presidency being competed over by the same two families – Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton – let’s move on to someone else! BRO-gressives? Okay, I’ve seen this before, males being accused of being unable to handle a strong woman, well, if male rock-music fans, for example, can’t handle Katy Perry, maybe it’s because we don’t like her music. But we’d be perfectly happy with Courtney Barnett being a big star because her music ROCKS! Stop confusing a dislike of Hillary with sexism!

    • Save it. “This woman” is the only woman with a shot at the Presidency. She’s also the most experienced and capable human being in the race.

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