Who Is More Dangerous: Trump or the Media?

10 Dec 2015

Who Is More Outrageous: Trump or the Media?

Acknowledging that unlikely Republican front-runner Donald Trump has hit a nerve with a notable segment of his Party, there is little doubt that his xenophobic comments are, among other things, a cynical headline grab that gets him tons of free air time. But who is the bad guy here? The man making these statements or a corporate owned media, so starved for ratings, it will keep Trump front and center to profit from him, only recently vetting the falsehoods he spews via incendiary applause lines at campaign stops?

Radio host and EPIC TIMES founder Jerry Doyle asked author and commentator Anita Finlay if she felt the media will offer a mea culpa for their irresponsible soft ball coverage thus far. Finlay says, “No. They’ll only criticize him now to rescue their reputations. But regardless of political persuasion, voters must pull back the curtain and evaluate Trump’s statements beyond the initial positive knee jerk reaction some have to a man who will ‘say what others won’t.’ His comments are dangerous for many reasons.

Tune in to Jerry and Anita’s latest interview to find out why.


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