#TheResistance, Hillary and Onward Together

18 May 2017

#TheResistance, Hillary and Onward Together 1

If the speed with which the #TrumpRussia investigation snowballs is in inverse proportion to the disaster the Trump White House can inflict upon our nation, it will only be due to #TheResistance movement.  Many polls report that women account for 80% of #TheResistance with Washington Post noting: “The women’s march was the largest protest in U.S. history.” Women are used to spearheading (and doing a lot of schlepping for) political grassroots movements and campaigns. They are also used to having their work co-opted.  While ALL men are more than welcome to step up and take equal part, and this is not about pulling rank, credit must be given where it is due.  Award-winning investigative journalist Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) posted a brilliant Twitter thread properly crediting women as leaders of #TheResistance — and why it matters:

centers women, POC, LGBT, immigrants. We are not your afterthought or footnote or virtue signals. WE ARE REAL PEOPLE.”

“We’ve been told repeatedly that the woman who centered us & our concerns after TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE YEARS was wrong to do so.”

“279 YEARS we waited. She always had 50% women, 40% POC in her staff. THAT would have been our Cabinet, our EO’s, our VOICES BEING HEARD.”

“OUR loss has been the one that should be written about. OUR economic CRISIS–not coal–is what should be the focus of town halls.”

Understanding, celebrating and participating in #TheResistance is more important than ever as 2018 midterms loom and, once again, we see older white males declaring themselves progressives, yet willing to negotiate on a woman’s right to choose.

Conversely, Hillary Clinton, our first ever female Presidential nominee and popular vote winner, is subjected to a ridiculous double standard even now with pundits like Josh Barro, Matt Yglesias and many more telling her politely, or impolitely, to STFU rather than be part of the fight.  In light of women like Hillary Clinton taking action where certain men talk and self-aggrandize, Clinton once again stepped up  to the plate by launching “Onward Together,” a political action committee dedicated to helping progressives, particularly women, run for office and to funding #TheResistance:

“Resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

Victoria Brownworth, politics editor @TheRealCurve, expresses the journey and significance of #TheResistance and those who created it better than I ever could. Please read her twitter thread below in its entirety. It is well worth your time.

Her words provide enlightening context that often gets buried by a majority male corporate media pundit class. For example, look at how many articles The New York Times (of all places) posts about “understanding” the Trump voter, while Hillary voters (the majority), including so many women and men of color and LGBTQ get ignored – again.

Here is @VABVOX ‘s profound thread:

Thank you so much, Victoria, for your eloquence and courage.*



*Thanks also for your express permission to post your thread here.


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