The Value of Perez and Ellison Leading the DNC

26 Feb 2017
The Value of Perez and Ellison Leading the DNC

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Does the election of a new DNC Chair matter?  Yes.  If you can see it, you can be it. Presenting diverse roll models matter, whether that role model is a women or a person of color.  And no one can fault the broad and deep qualifications of a Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez or Keith Ellison.  As a longtime admirer of the work of Melissa McEwan, known to the blogosphere as @Shakestweetz, I must share her tweet storm on the election of Tom Perez as DNC Chair and his immediate naming of his most prominent competitor, Keith Ellison, as Vice Chair. I agree with Ms. McEwan’s take on the value of diversity demonstrated by representatives of the DNC platform, and through the detailed policies of the DNC’s first ever female nominee, Hillary Clinton (popular vote winner).

Anyone who thinks any part of this is “business as usual” is missing the larger point that “electing” an old white male oligarch who populated his cabinet with billionaire swamp dwellers is the only thing that is business as usual. Those who #Resist would do well to remember this and present a united front. I suspect those still pushing the faux “rigged primary” story line or saying “business as usual” are more in league with the Trojan Horses who helped Trump ascend to power in the first place.

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