The Daily Show Could Help Pass a Bill to Help Rape Victims

18 Apr 2015

“The Daily Show aired a segment entitled “Parenting With the Enemy,” which exposed a shocking loophole that existed in 31 states as of last year.* In those states, a woman did not have the right to terminate the parental rights of her rapist, potentially exposing children conceived during a rape to violent attackers.” Per political strategist and commentator Shawna Vercher, this issue has caused concern among citizens from all sides of the political spectrum, yet it is horrifying that legislation which would incentivize states to protect these children (and their mothers from regularly having to face their attackers) may not even make it out of its Congressional Committee.

In our latest edition of Dare We Say, Shawna Vercher and I discuss exactly why the proposed law has such diverse supporters – and whether a media push will be enough for Congress to pass it.

Click the image to watch our video and an excerpt of Samantha Bee’s enlightening Daily Show segment.  I am pleased to report that after we covered this story, activists from Hope After Rape Conception reached out to us to further raise awareness on this issue.  We hope to provide continuing coverage and assistance.  Please help — details in our episode…

Samantha Bee in DS* Editor’s Note: Some states, such as Florida, passed protective legislation since the tally of the “31 States” and others, such as New York, have pending legislation.



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