Republicans in Search of a Platform?

15 May 2015

republican fan mazeThe Republican field gets more crowded by the day, with the potential for nearly two dozen candidates jockeying for position on the debate stage. But how will they distinguish themselves from the pack? It’s early in the race, but they each need to find their focus on big issues and get beyond posturing. As author and political strategist Shawna Vercher notes, if the candidates do not stand out soon, they run the danger of the media defining who they are – and it won’t necessarily be favorable. “They need to pick an issue and become known as THE expert on that issue in order to stand out. Otherwise we might not even be able to tell them apart.”

And Hillary-bashing does not constitute a campaign platform.

As well, going too far to the right in order to win the nomination places the winner of the primary at a disadvantage. The loudest of either party gets the most news coverage, but that’s not where the majority of the American people reside. Will anyone believe them when they attempt to scoot back to the center in the general election?

On the surface, Republican nominees seem very diverse, but in a Party suffering an identity crisis, seeming almost regressive amidst a 21st century electorate, Shawna and I discuss what to look for in the months ahead on this episode of Dare We Say:


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