Our Midterm Votes Are Vital–Being Distracted Is Not

16 Oct 2018

Why Hillary Spanking Trump Should Comfort the American People 1


Three weeks from today, we have a very important date with the voting booth.  In the meantime, we can talk to friends and neighbors about the issues of vital concern to Americans,  like health care, preserving pre-existing conditions protections, protecting Social Security and Medicare from unfair cuts, correcting the GOP Tax Scam, taking action on climate change, as well as restoring much needed oversight and accountability in Congress.  The goal being that by discussing what matters, our friends and neighbors will be more inclined to vote, too.  It is not the time to be distracted by news outlets hunting for click-bait by dredging up issues that were resolved twenty years ago, all in the name of continuing to make Hillary Clinton wear a hair shirt.

People who allow themselves to be distracted by Hillary answering a question about Bill Clinton’s consensual affair with a 24 year old are asking themselves the wrong question.  Three weeks before a vital election, this is not about “what she should have said” when asked if this was “an abuse of power”. She is his wife. She is going to give a defensive answer. They know this, too.

The question we should be asking is why are network news outlets baiting Hillary with this now? By doing so, they are distracting  from Democrats’ message.  The unfortunate byproduct of this cynical behavior is to tamp down the Blue Wave the GOP so fears is coming.  Whatever your opinion on the 1998 Clinton issue, that is not the media’s concern, nor are they looking for accountability.  This is about ratings and sensationalism for its own sake.  A corporate owned media is again playing eager stenographers for the GOP, who know that when we talk about big issues — like confirming the questionable Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and the horribly ballooning deficit as a result of their unpopular tax bill, which gave massive tax cuts to rich cronies — they lose.  As President Obama’s former speechwriter, Jon Favreau put it, ‘when we talk about big issues, they lose. So they want to keep you talking about small things.’

Well paid pundits sitting behind posh desks in expensive suits are not trying to help you by promoting twenty+ year old news, so don’t help them.

Don’t be distracted.

No one can think the New York Times honestly believes they need to hold Hillary accountable for what her husband did when he was already impeached, disbarred and censured for his affair while in office.  I’d say that’s already a reckoning.  As opposed to the the unvarnished grotesque we now have in office who violates the emoluments clause daily, has had numerous affairs, surrounds himself with crooks (a number of whom have already been indicted), lies constantly and is held accountable for nothing.

I am also not going to be distracted by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test to verify her Indian ancestry (or the reaction to it).  It has nothing to do with the critical issues we face today.

My focus is on helping progressive candidates all up and down the ballot box win their elections in November.  I can’t afford to do anything else.




  1. Patricia Spiegel Says: October 16, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, vote as if the life of your kids and grandkids depend on it. They do.

  2. Kathleen Wynne Says: November 23, 2018 at 8:04 am

    The consistent and inexplicable need for the media and politicians of both parties to turn to attacking both Clintons (especially Hillary) in order to distract from the real problems we are facing (trump and his corrupt administration) and the despots he protects needs to be stopped.

    Hating women is still a blood sport used by the predominately white male power structure as an effective smoke screen/distraction to cover their abysmal failures in running this country. What boggles the mind is how this is even tolerated any longer by the media and the American people. Are men even capable of recognizing women as equals? What’s taking so long for them to realize how wrong they’ve been all along about women NOT being as capable as they are and therefore should NOT have an equal place at the table of life, but instead be relegated as the waitresses at the banquet of life? Women are over half the population of the world and we have been summarily silenced! AND FOR WHAT?

    Now that the mid-terms are over, IMO, the focus should be on the last “ism” which must be openly challenged every time it raises its ugly head just as racism now is — sexism. If we ever hope to preventi our country/democracy from going over the proverbial cliff. we must continue to support and elect more qualified women to all levels of government – local, state and federal – in order to dislodge the strangle hold men have on power and which is the primary cause of all of the discord we see rampant around the world.

    We should never minimize nor forget that it was Hillary Clinton who took the constant attacks as a trailblazer for women to stand up to the patriarchy. It was she who led the way and inspired these women to decide to run for and win public office primarily because of the way she has been treated by those in power for the last 30 years. These women have a responsibility to defend her and deflect all of the lies being spewed about her and set the record straight once and for all. They must not sit silently on the sidelines when she is being attacked. It shouldn’t be left up to the historians many years from now to do this for them.

    Hillary helped women find their voice, now they must use it to stand up for her and all women who dare to believe in themselves and not sit at the back of the bus.

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