Hillary’s Grit Under Pressure Wins New Supporters [Updated]

23 Oct 2015

Hillary’s Grit Under Pressure Wins New Supporters 1Hillary Clinton’s patience, fortitude and grace under the 11-hour gang grilling she received at the hands of Chief Investigator Trey Gowdy and his questionable Benghazi committee was nothing short of astonishing. Gowdy and his Republican brethren were as disrespectful to Clinton as they were clueless of statecraft. Considering they were rabid to once again have Secretary Clinton under the hot lights, they seemed ill prepared for the marquis event they had allegedly prepped for eighteen months. Conservative FOX News cut away from its live coverage, telegraphing that the inquisition was a disaster and that Hillary Clinton had emerged triumphant over questions largely unrelated to the tragedy allegedly prompting this record eighth “investigative” farce in the first place.

Though Rep. Gowdy was forced to admit he learned nothing new, many in the Twittersphere could not say the same. Here, then, a few select tweets that tell the story and, to dismay of Gowdy and the RNC, what they accomplished on Hillary’s behalf with their reckless, partisan behavior.


When you stand up, you encourage others to stand up. The marathon Hillary Clinton ran today told doubters a lot about her. Looks like she won a few of them over.[


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