Hillary in the Lion’s Den

07 Mar 2016

Hillary in the Lion’s Den

Watching Secretary Clinton field questions from FOX anchor Bret Baier at their Dem Town Hall last night, I couldn’t help but be knocked out by Hillary’s command of the issues, the specificity of her plans, her poise and grace under pressure. To say she is unflappable is an understatement. It really didn’t matter what Baier served up – grilling Clinton on Libya, abortion or emails, she was sharp and ready. With audience members, she struck notes of unity and enthusiasm, complimenting Senator Sanders’ campaign while differentiating between them, detailing her reality based policy prescriptions to move us forward.

Take a look… (Senator Sanders starts at the 1 hour mark. Secretary Clinton at 1:30)

Once again, I am also struck by the difference between Hillary, the media caricature, and Hillary, the stateswoman. Craven media pundits falsely worry over her “enthusiasm gap,” her “authenticity” or complain that she’s “yelling.” No, she isn’t yelling. They’re just not comfortable with a woman who is in command. But they’d better get used to it. Watching this performance, it’s clear you are watching a winning candidate leading a disciplined campaign; someone who is ready to lead and work across the aisle, as she has done successfully throughout her career.

In this town hall, yet another of Hillary’s journeys into the lion’s den, one would be hard pressed to argue she’s anything but a #BadassInHeels.*


*(With all my thanks to @MrDane1982 for the great hashtag.)


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