Hillary Did Us Proud Tonight

28 Jul 2016

Hillary Did Us Proud Tonight

As a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter, I’ve struggled for months to share just what it is about her that makes me most proud, that makes me believe in her. I now understand I look upon her as a loyal friend who shows up day in and year out.  My support for her was never based on fandom or cult worship, but was earned, slowly.  They say what you give your time to, you love, and Hillary Clinton has shown her love of country by her work on behalf of the disadvantaged over a forty-five year career as a public servant.  When husband and former President Bill Clinton said she made others’ lives better and was “the best change maker he’d ever met,” he spoke the truth.

Having done so much research on her accomplishments, when Hillary Clinton says she’ll “work her heart out” for the American people, she means it.  I trust that she will do her utmost to be a good president to everyone — even those who don’t vote for her.

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination this evening was humble, grateful and filled with the hope and promise of what we can do together. No small irony that the woman on the receiving end of 25 plus years of vile Republican and corporate media attacks (along with some nasty swipes from the left) has a great record of reaching out to find common ground in unlikely places.  This, plus her all go, no quit attitude and delightful wonkiness is a fabulous prescription for a Commander in Chief.

Judging by how many (even in news media) learned about her accomplishments on so many fronts this week, it is also obvious that Hillary, like many women, have worked tirelessly for years to move the ball forward even though they got scant credit for their efforts.

But tonight was different.

When Hillary took the stage and hugged her daughter Chelsea, I lost it. Then I saw Hillary do something she almost never does — she took it all in.

How proud and moved I was to see her stand in the spotlight and own all the parts of herself, and all the support she has out here on the ground, while giving a master class on meaningful outreach and strong leadership.

Here’s to you, Hillary. Tonight you made history and did it with grace and class, as always.


In case you missed her speech:



  1. Teresa Welby Says: July 29, 2016 at 4:20 am

    Go Anita GO HILLARY!

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