Hillary Clinton’s Must-Watch Speech on Keeping America Safe

16 Dec 2015

Hillary Clinton's Comprehensive Approach to Keeping America Safe 1

In the wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive speech on counter-terrorism was a sober alternative to the bellicose posturing heard at tonight’s Republican debate. Listening to her remarks, it is impossible not to contrast her gravitas, knowledge and resolve with the ignorant braggadocio offered up by Trump, Cruz and other Republican presidential candidates. Fred Kaplan’s Slate article, America’s New Know-Nothings, paints a frightening picture of their ignorance on foreign policy.  Perhaps Secretary Clinton’s tweets put it best:

The media’s 24/7 Trump coverage in the name of revenue only helps disseminate his particular brand of xenophobia. In discussing her “360 degree strategy to keep America safe,” Clinton underscored the difficulty and importance of coalition building, and that the incessant “insulting of our potential allies doesn’t make that any easier.” That the networks did not cover Hillary’s brilliant speech in its entirety is something I hope you will correct for them by watching it here.



  1. Thank you for focusing on Hillary. Not much news on Hillary. Keep it up. Thanks.

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