Hillary Clinton Connecting the Dots on the Rural Economy

31 Aug 2015

Great Hillary picture Rural Iowa from Stu Collins

When Hillary Clinton gave a talk at Taber Home Vineyards & Winery in Baldwin, Iowa last week, she shared plans not often heard from presidential candidates for bolstering the rural economy. Blogger Stu Collins graciously shared video documenting the event, where Agriculture Secretary and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack offered a glowing introduction and endorsement of Clinton. I encourage you to watch Secretary Clinton connect the dots on issues of concern to rural voters, while giving the lie to agenda-driven reporters who say she isn’t warm or genuine. Watching this, you’ll scratch your head wondering where they get their talking points.

Here also is a graphic with quick notes on her plans, courtesy West Texas for Hillary:

Hillary Clinton Connecting the Dots on the Rural Economy 1

**photo and video provided by Stu Collins

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