FBI Director Comey Hiding in Plain Sight

22 Mar 2017
FBI Director Comey Is Hiding in Plain Sight

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Hillary Clinton’s top campaign officials blame FBI Director James Comey for her loss last November, citing his reckless letter sent 11 days before the election. He falsely implied Hillary was under FBI investigation, thereby tanking her poll numbers. It is widely acknowledged that after her performance in their three debate match ups, she was cruising to victory against Donald Trump. Then Comey pulled his stunt. His retraction, via an “oops, nothing to see here, folks” letter 9 days later, came too late for her numbers to bounce back.  This to date, has cost him nothing, but we are already paying a price via the demagogic presidency of Donald Trump.  So, for Comey to solemnly and piously testify before the House Intelligence Committee Monday that the Trump campaign has been under investigation since July, 2016 for possible collusion with Russia over the election – facts which were entirely withheld from the American people – is as infuriating as it is devastating.

After Monday’s hearing one of Donald Trump’s must vocal detractors, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, offered this:

Agreed. So what was Comey’s endgame in swinging the election to Trump only to take him down five months later? Here’s my theory:

Comey, a longtime Republican (who just registered as an Independent last year), seems to have been out to get Hillary’s head on a pike since Whitewater over 20 years ago.  He may feign surprise at the damning reaction to his faux bombshell pre-election, yet this long time prosecutor knew what he was doing.  Comey released this letter to relieve pressure on himself from rabid Republicans who were terrified of Hillary and determined to ruin her at all costs.  He had to know his letter would be a devastating “October surprise”  owing to the beltway press’ irrational infatuation with Hillary’s nothing-burger emails. Comey did this while simultaneously hiding the FBI’s genuine investigation of criminal activity by Trump and his campaign.

Comey always knew he was going to work to take Trump down eventually. He just wanted to make sure to kill Hillary’s political aspirations first.

As things stand now, Director Comey can nail Trump’s (and/or appropriate high ranking underlings like General Flynn), all while carrying on with the measured solemnity of a conquering hero.

Comey’s no hero. Contemplate the deliberate actions of one of the nation’s highest law enforcement officials. Comey acted in direct contravention of FBI’s policy of not interfering with an election for the 60-day period preceding it in order to “revive” a non-investigation into Hillary Clinton while remaining silent about Trump and his operatives’ possible collusion with Russia — a scandal that could have dire consequences to our safety as a nation.  What kind of a man, a sworn “patriot,” would behave in such a manner — especially after Hillary Clinton had repeatedly been cleared of wrongdoing.

First, Director Comey should hang his head in shame. Second, he should be investigated.  Either he wanted to wreck Hillary for his own personal, political or chauvinistic reasons or, as Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum implies, Comey was as unwilling to stand up to partisan hacks like Rep. Jason Chaffetz as he was unable to control rogue elements within his own NY FBI office (determined to take Hillary down). Either way, he is sworn to protect the United States. Helping Trump to get elected while denying us solid leadership is doing the opposite.

Comey will continue the pose of solemn, moral — and heroic — rectitude as this “investigation” crawls forward.  With the continuing assist of a shame-faced press looking to distract from their own role in this debacle, Comey will likely get a pass. But his behavior in the run up to the 2016 election was neither neutral nor fair. And he shouldn’t get away with it.

This is yet another double standard applied to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy that was not applied to her opponent, or any man.  FBI Director Comey, and likely the NY-FBI cabal, interfered to stop her election chances (breaking their 60-day cut off rule) while shielding devastating  information (known well before the “60 days prior” cut off rule) about Trump.

Let. That. Sink. In.

In this regard, Congresswoman Waters again hits the nail on the head with this devastating quote:

FBI Director Comey has a lot to answer for. Trump is a constant, therefore his crude, xenophobic, misogynist kleptocratic behavior comes as no surprise. But the Director of the FBI is a venerated position.  Comey’s actions shame his office.

I pray the investigation uncovers the whole truth, resulting in the prosecution of all who colluded with Russia/Putin to influence the outcome of this election. But when all is said and done, Comey himself must be called to account.

No matter where that leads.



  1. CatsCatsCats Says: March 23, 2017 at 8:30 am

    Excellent analysis!

  2. lildoggy4 Says: March 23, 2017 at 9:32 am

    In Florida we were actually voting when Comey released his message about new emails found. It wasn’t just preceding Nov 4. By that Sunday when he announced nothing new found, our early voting had ended. More than 50% of the registered voters in Florida had already voted.

  3. And there is Trump, actually trying to pay the role of victim in all of this. I feel badly for the women’s movement because there is a built in equalizer that negates true political progress. For ever progressive or moderate liberal woman, there is conservative, bible thumping woman to neutralize the other side.
    The result is Donald Trump actually playing the part of Jesus for the secret wiretapping abuse he had to carry on his back even as he fraudulently called Hillary Clinton a criminal over and over again.
    Just how does Comey get away with twice investigating Hillary Clinton while keeping quiet about his investigation of Donald Trump?

  4. […] me to feel sorry for FBI Director Comey’s fate can wait long. He. Did. This. To Himself. when he flouted FBI/DOJ protocols to spank Hillary Clinton in public for a non-crime while keeping his powder dry on the […]

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