Elizabeth Warren’s Passion for Hillary’s Candidacy Renders Bernie Irrelevant

29 Jun 2016

Elizabeth Warren’s Passion for Hillary’s Candidacy Renders Bernie Irrelevant

When Elizabeth Warren joined Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati for a their first joint campaign appearance, Warren called Hillary “a fighter with guts,” putting passion and punch behind her endorsement. Senator Warren not only rendered Bernie Sanders’ egotistical ransoming of his endorsement irrelevant but made clear that if he chooses to remain on a destructive path, his threat of disunity hardly matters. Clinton and Warren appearing together was electrifying for a more important reason – the visual of two female dynamos taking the stage and locking arms in this fight sends a visceral, empowering message to all women.

Politics aside, it has been proven that when women take the stage, they speak longer and with more authority having had powerful female role models precede them. Women are still so outnumbered in Congress and in the Boardroom, it’s past time they got a clear message that it’s perfectly fine to take up time and space.  Like a boss.

Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren’s joyful political union showed America and the world two competent women tough enough and smart enough to get the job done – whether they choose to be on the Democratic ticket together or not. Watch below!

The added plus is that Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump must be quaking in his boots since he has said “you have to treat women like s**t.”  But these two don’t know how to be subservient, taking great relish calling him out for the self-serving, egotistical charlatan that he is.  As Secretary Clinton noted, “I do so love the way Elizabeth gets under his skin.” And in Clinton’s recent San Diego speech on foreign policy, she gave The Donald an attack of flop sweat.  Primary battles are over and both ladies can take the gloves off, especially dealing with a man who so obviously enjoys being a barbarian.

Secretary Clinton will continue to vet and audition her choices for VP, and based on that person’s experience, profile and Hillary’s comfort level in their working relationship, we’ll get our pick.  Is the country ready for two women? I don’t think so, yet with all the bias and misogyny we still combat, heads are less likely to explode than they were eight years ago.

Whatever Clinton and Warren ultimately choose to do, the power of what will surely be repeated campaign appearances together cannot be undervalued.  Democrats should be thrilled with the campaign powerhouses they have joining Hillary on the trail, while Trump struggles to get people to speak at his Convention.  And Bernie, well, it’s clear he’d better get on board if he wants to have any voice in this Party going forward.


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