Easy, Breezy Beautiful Hillary

06 Aug 2014

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on the Colbert Report to promote her book Hard Choices.  What ensued was a faux name-dropping session between the two.  Heads must have been exploding not only at her enthusiastic ovation with the crowd loudly chanting her name, but also her breezy, fun demeanor.  Hillary looks relaxed and happy as a clam.

This, together with the Texts from Hillary memes, so popular in 2012, offer a different picture than the “shrill,” “out of touch” “elitist” media on the left and right attempt to paint.

Is it possible we’ll be able to counter big media nonsense this time?  What say you?

Enjoy the video below…


Anita Finlay is the bestselling author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin.  Sharing the untold story of Hillary’s 2008 campaign, Dirty Words exposes media sexism in a society not as evolved as advertised.  “The book tells it like it is for women aspiring to power.”  #1 on Amazon’s Women in Politics books for 16 weeks.

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  1. Wow– it really looked like he was really surprised to see her! Hard to believe that was not scripted — an improv from Sat. Night Live! It was really fun…she looked lovely and that the power of TV and Social media are really enabling candidates to show sides to them that you wouldn’t expect — it makes them very accessible! Thanks for the share! I think as a joke she should show up on one of these shows with a granny wig and knitting needles and a rocker–(ala Tyler Perry) and then “take the disguise off” to show her smart, sexy, savvy self in her all her juicy brilliance….what say you?

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