Do Politics Even Matter?

18 Jun 2015

The Jerry Doyle ShowI was grateful to be back on the radio Monday with my friend, Epic Times founder Jerry Doyle, who just survived a brutal mugging while on vacation in Germany. His brush with death was a stark reminder that we are never out of harm’s way. Yet too often, we are hamsters racing around a wheel, distracted by external benchmarks instead of focusing on fulfillment in our own lives or family and friends. Jerry joked that, while lying in a Dusseldorf hospital with 15 staples in his head, he had lost all interest in politics: “Does it even matter? Haven’t these big shot candidates carved up the lion’s share while we’re lucky to lick the frosting off the spoon?”

He has a point, but ever the optimist, I made my case for the importance of staying in the fight. While I agree that both sides offer up their share of feel good rhetoric as balm for the masses, history shows us that certain leaders have actually made a difference. And since whoever wins the 2016 election will likely pick 3-4 new Supreme Court Justices, national politics can become local – and meaningful – very fast.

Jerry asked how we can see the real value of our current crop of Presidential candidates, bypassing the junk fed to us by a corporate-owned media, rife with conflicts of interest. Don’t miss my answer or our great debate!


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