Catcalling, Halloween and “Slutty” French Fries: Have We Jumped the Shark?

02 Nov 2014

It may be Halloween, but whenever top syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle and I get to talking, the sky’s the limit in our conversation.  First, Jerry starts by sharing Chris Rock’s lowdown on the top five “slutty” costumes.  Typically, we are focused on the behavior and dress of woman.

But we seem to have gotten bored with “sexy nurse” and have moved on to the costumes called the “slutty French fry.”  It would appear we’ve jumped the shark and gone so far overboard in attempts to be sexy, we’re now working at sexing up a potato — and a pizza.

french fry and pizza costumesTry a hobby.

My question to Jerry: are men getting “slutty” too?  After all, why should women be the only objects of ogling or hyper-sexualization?

There are a handful of "Slutty Male" Halloween costumes, but mostly they are just male stripper outfits We also discuss Shoshana Roberts, the young woman who filmed the 10 hours of harassment she encountered just walked down the street in NYC.

Should a man expect a woman to respond to comments about her body or demands that she engage with him?  Would you not be intimidated by a man following alongside you for blocks, looking you up and insisting you talk with him?

catcalling video

Does a woman’s right not to be accosted matter?

Take in the video linked above and then our discussion below and let us know your thoughts…


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