Can We Make Networks Give Us News, Not Infotainment?

11 Jan 2016

Can We Make Networks Give Us News, Not Infotainment? 1

The Big 5 Sunday “News” shows feature bloviating (white) men in suits on the hosting and guesting side, telling us what we should value and where the next ‘crisis’ is coming from – perhaps this is the media equivalent of “Look over there, squirrel!” Radio host and Epic Times’ founder Jerry Doyle states, “They’re just working you to keep you clicking on the next circus.” What will make networks and major cable stations offer responsible news coverage and more diversity of opinion, both in gender and ethnicity?

Author and commentator Anita Finlay says that “Men in suits on these shows are automatically granted credibility that women have to earn – that is, when you can find females on these shows to begin with.” Rachel Maddow’s Blog just reported that for the last three years of its tally, the majority of guests on these shows have been Conservative males. Who is framing the issue for you matters as much as what’s being discussed. For example, an intensive 4th Estate study proved that even when discussing women’s health issues, men are quoted in the news five to one over women. Regardless of one’s politics, how can we not feel as though women are being treated as children, whose expertise and life experience are not valued?

Jerry Doyle points out that “Women have been making big inroads in alternative media,” yet there is so much content out there, it’s tough to be heard over the din. Finlay argues “We need to get seen and heard in the highest echelons. How can we imagine female leadership in business or politics if we don’t consistently see women in positions of authority? Boycotting programs and advertisers or terminating subscriptions of offending media outlets will let them feel it in the pocketbook. That’s the only way they can be brought to heel, if ever…” After all, shame cannot be felt by those who don’t have any.

Don’t miss the latest throw down with Jerry and Anita!




  1. Was this your last talk with Jerry? If it was, very eerie how he touches on at the beginning of the talk how he wants to go out; become part of the coral reef. Wow.

    • Yes, I believe it was. We had spoken on the phone after that, but that was our last interview. His loss is so tragic. I still miss him.

      • You and me both, Anita. And I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. But it’s amazing how much I can miss someone I never met (called his show a few times on the air). I listened to Jerry for 11 solid years leading up to his passing, and I promise I’m not trying to be hyperbolic or melodramatic, but I swear during the last year of his life, he would increasingly wax poetically about enjoying life, how he never missed a sunrise, etc., almost as if he knew either consciously or subconsciously he wasn’t going to have a long time on this earth. Again, not trying to be Twilight Zone-ish, but that’s the vibe I was getting. I would always hold my breath when there’d be a fill-in and they’d be vague on why he was absent, especially after his coma in I think 2010, then his beat down in Germany a few years ago. Anyway, thanks for posting these archive discussions you had with him. I’m going thru them from time to time and really enjoying them. Mike

        • Thank you so much for your kind words, Mike. FWIW, I know Jerry had had at least one near death experience years ago, so maybe that led him to believe his time was limited. I will always treasure my conversations and friendship with him.

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