Beating Women Is Okay When You Have Enough Money

05 May 2015
Live video capture/ABC News

Live video capture/ABC News

Despite a number of groups boycotting the Floyd Mayweather fight owing to his history of domestic violence, his Las Vegas bout, for which he was paid $200 million dollars, went off without a hitch Saturday.  In fact, seats sold out in 60 seconds. How much longer are we going to ignore the truth about those who abuse women?  There are athletes in all sports who are positive role models and don’t have a propensity for smashing women’s heads in car doors.  Celebrating them and boycotting those who take sports violence outside of the ring, or the football field might be a place to start.

In our latest episode of Dare We Say, author/commentator Shawna Vercher and I debate whether large franchises will continue to put the almighty dollar before women’s safety and what its going to take to change the equation.  Don’t miss it!


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