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20 Jun 2012

by Anita Finlay

Men Rule Media Coverage on Women’s News,” Abigail Pesta’s recent Daily Beast article, makes clear that men still control the news narrative at all levels.  The data presented is taken from Silenced: Gender Gap in the 2012 Election Coverage, a six-month study detailing researchers’ troubling findings after tracking thousands of print articles and TV segments, logging almost 51,000 quotes.  Here’s what I think…

And a picture is worth a thousand words…

What do you think?



  1. Katalin Says: June 20, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    those who attack women on appearance means that they regard them as a sexual subject, not a human being.

  2. True, Katalin. When you look at the picture the study created above, it is a shocking disparity. Hopefully more will grow to understand that objectification of women will continue as long as women are not being solicited equally for their thoughts and ideas.

  3. SWPAnnA Says: June 21, 2012 at 6:12 pm

    Anita, I bought and read your book shortly after I began taking blood pressure meds and I worked consciously to read it while processing and redistributing the unhealthy pressure this issue caused me. You were actually tempered in your observations. I donated your book to my local library two days ago: when they looked it up and saw that it was brand new and they didn’t have it, I knew it was in the right place. Fox News people whine endlessly that the dirision conservative women endure is somehow fostered by “liberals” and fail to address the young men/punks who force themselves into the media with agressive, attention grabbing velocity. They make it into the money and are then hit on by the sex fiends in news management who force them – just as they wield such position power over females. A disproportionate percentage of media sponsors in 2008 ran ads that pushed products for male erections. Obviously, they’re more about getting off on power than understanding the awesome potential for legitimate change through community action. A lack of top editors who respect a woman’s way of resolving things is a problem. A local Democratic Activist read it thusly: “Women don’t go into the streets to demonstrate and demand attention. They go into the voting booth, do their damage and are done with it.” I had predicted that the female voters would “punish” the Democrats this way and the past three elections have proven me accurate. They extend the treatment to women who fail to stand with their sisters, mothers and grannies. Farewell, Claire McCaskill. My new candidate litmus test is not, “Where are you on abortion or gay marriage?” but: “Can you listen, understand what your constituents want, close a deal and stand your ground while you learn the endless games the men and the bar association play to shove you out?” The political scene doesn’t want whiners and excuse mills; the voters expect representation based on knowing them. A successful candidate must first be a good saleswoman looking out for her loyal customers, getting the best deals for the clients, not for herself. Hillary let me down when she yielded to the members of the black caucus in her NY delegation and rolled over for Obama. She could SEE she had him on the ropes and simply needed to work the Convention with the seasoned political team she had; men who had proven their loyalty to HER! She’s accused of staying loyal too long to her people, yet she threw her loyalty to Obama and dumped US! – Pure Chicken Shit. Conceded to the bitching, bratty race-baiting men who commandeered the media lacking faith in women, her supporters and her message. She failed to take the leap. We would have been there to raise her up. The world would have been riveted on the convention. Instead, we had a Baccanal of excess, meaningless … When the crew of Apollo 13 faced disaster, they used every resource on board to survive and return to Earth. When Hillary faced turning her country over to a smart-ass, disrespectful punk, she caved. She wasn’t the right woman for the fight because she didn’t understand she was just the Point of Light at the front of the Train that is Women Carrying Their Weight. We all would have brought our best to her administration. Instead, we’re sidelined by wet-behind-the-ears academics who, despite receiving fabulous advice, disrupt our lives with hair-brained political schemes.

    • SPPAnnA,

      Thanks so much for reading Dirty Words on Clean Skin and for taking the time to comment (and for donating the book to your library!!). Women do need to demand equal treatment. So far it does not seem our nature to do so in great number.

      We will have to agree to disagree where Hillary and the Convention are concerned. I remember the toxic environment of that time, as I am sure you do. The media had so deeply poisoned the well against Hillary, together with Obama’s gross money advantage and her own party backstabbing her daily, there is no way she could have prevailed. Even the cooked polls that were broadcast during the primary were proven to have a negative effect on her numbers because they started swaying some voters from her. Andrew Stephen (British journalist) wrote about this in May of ’08. There were articles on the net from major news sources (which have since been scrubbed) which made it clear even her own delegation was turning against her, no doubt due to pressure from above, so that they would not support her if she continued to the Convention. I dearly wish that were not the case. But the brainwashing of 2008 was horrific. I never saw anyone fight as hard as she did — she had to fight ever since the Iowa caucus — they were already telling her to get out, regardless of the many important states she won thereafter.

      I was deeply unhappy with the way this played out but I wanted her to be around to fight another day, not to go out in a quick blaze of glory. The Clinton Derangement Syndrome that was operating at that time almost ensured that was the only outcome. She had and has my utmost respect.

      Thanks again for writing.

      • Jennifer Says: June 22, 2012 at 1:28 am

        I agree with you Anita. When they twisted her words about RFK and accused her of calling for assassination, I knew that they had not only “jumped the shark”, they jumped an entire ocean of sharks to help Obama. I have never seen anything like it before. And even the look on Hillary’s face, right after the words came out of her mouth was telling….she seemed to know instantly that would be a soundbite heard ’round the world. And there was nothing she could do to stop it.

        • Great point, Jennifer — if a wide swath of the press was willing to accuse her of wanted to see him assassinated to benefit herself, we were past the point of no return. A frenzy had taken over the country if anyone was willing to believe such a horrible thing.

  4. Anita — Love the video. It was a hoot! But the message oh so important. We women need to actively participate, we need to use our voices, we need to demand representation. We need to educate ourselves and each other…

    • Really! May it the message go viral! We are so used to the daily brainwashing, we don’t even realize it is happening and take for granted that the male voice always sings much louder.

  5. Hillary Clinton For POTUS! Says: June 23, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    I’m getting really sick and tired of people talking about Hillary “not pulling her weight” and “caving” Hillary has been pulling MORE than her weight and all of ours for decades now and especially with regard to women’s issues. Saying “we would have raised her up” is magical thinking and not living in the reality of this world. There was NO way given the disgusting and horrific political climate of 2008 that anyone could have raised her up anymore than she was already raised. A woman who fought the good fight for as long as she has, and who garnered more votes than any candidate in primary history democrat or republican and STILL was denied was not going to be “raised up” by wishful thinking.

    Some people were so angry they needed a target and turned on Hillary and others were republicans who wanted to exploit that anger and channel it TO right wing memes. I call b.s.

    Most people making such comments were never in Hillary’s corner at all. The majority who worked hard on her campaign did not go red and stay there. No one who had followed her career all those decades could fail to understand that she was strong to accept SOS and still continue fighting.

    Those who think she should have run as an indy or whatever other excuse they are giving to throw away over thirty years of commitment to women and this country are making a grave mistake and a silly leap of logic that defies understanding. Falling on her sword for any reason is exactly what Obama and the far right would have loved to see her do! Not to mention all the male pundits who trashed her and women like her. AND the prog boyz who used their hidden hate of women in a free for all when she ran. All would have been having a field day with that one.

    Anyone who has ever followed her knows she is pragmatic, doesn’t stay knocked down for long and will chose the path where she believes she can do the most good. And everyone I’ve ever seen saying otherwise ends up touting a right wing person as an alternative within a very few next comments. Usually at a particular website listed in the side bar.

    I am always suspicious of such comments given the huge rat f**king that went on in PUMA almost immediately after it was formed.

    Anita, I’ve bought your book. Thanks for writing it. As for me Hillary was and still is the one woman who ought to take the position as the first woman POTUS. No one else defied the Arkansas school board for inner city kids, no one else stood at that podium in Beijing. No one else fought so hard for decent health care WAY before it was popular to do so and against all odds. I could go on and on and yet even now some say it’s “not enough” or “not good enough’ Her record speaks for itself and holding Hillary to some standard no one else in politics has ever been held to is plain crazy talk.

    “Women’s Rights ARE Human Rights” Hillary Rodham Clinton. When some other candidate tops the stone courage she showed in Beijing, before and after that, then I’ll listen to her nay sayers. And not until that time. She’s been expected to be utterly perfect. And even when she has done FAR more than any other woman candidate in our life time it’s never enough for some people who will run crying foul at the first hint of disappointment. Well, I’ve been following her career since 1983 and wanted HER to run before Bill did. I didn’t just get interested in her in 2008 like it seems some did. There’s no one better to run for POTUS in 2016 than Hillary and if life was fair she’d be able to run in 2012. IF he democrats and the power brokers would let her have her WIN this time.

    • I agree Hillary would make a wonderful leader and hope she will change her mind and run again. It is also unreasonable to expect any one woman to hold up the torch for everyone and be all things to all people. No one else was ever held to such a standard — you are correct there. She keeps fighting and working on her own terms, which I deeply appreciate.

      As I stated above, I never saw a politician fight as hard or against the fierce headwinds and disgraceful treatment by her detractors. The media boyz and complicit women who participated in the ridicule and shaming can hang their heads now — though I doubt they will.

      Thanks for supporting my book and for sharing your thoughts. Hope you enjoy the read!

  6. Hillary Clinton For POTUS! Says: June 23, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    Thanks again, Anita and so sorry for the run on sentences! haha! I get fired up but, I’ve been following her actions since she was endlessly made fun of in Little Rock. That is until she won them all over with hard work. Even today in that very red state when you go there, they will often trash talk democrats but, be careful if you say bad things about Hillary. Especially in front of school teachers! She did SO much for the education system there.

    When I first saw her they were making fun of her “modern” hair style, her pro bono lawyer work for abused women and children and *gasp!* most of all because she was still “Hillary Rodham” though married to Bill.

    I was about 18 the night I saw her say on the Little Rock news in an announcement that she was adding the “Clinton” to her name on the condition that everyone would stop focusing on her last name and start focusing on the issues she was trying to address in the schools in Little Rock! It turned my head around because she was the first to ever stand that strong in the face of so much onslaught in the media. She doggedly continued her work to get what she wanted. When she came along there was NO higher maths or foreign languages in Little Rock schools among other atrocities. She would show up in inner city schools with boxes of supplies in her jeans with no press. I KNOW she did these things because my step mother was a first grade teacher in one of the worst of the worst schools there. Hillary took time with the teachers, encouraged them. And got the job done! Her programs are still successful there today. AND she encouraged my step mom to go further in education. Well, because of Hillary she is now a very well known prof of education who travels all over putting reading programs in schools around the globe.

    Since that time, I’ve watched her continue on and stay on course through hell and high water. We so needed that in these trying times. I hope she changes her mind too. IF she does I’ll be right there working my fingers to the bone to get her in that oval office.

    • That is always what Hillary has done, apparently. She gets misjudged and then wins people over with hard work. She did it is Little Rock, as First Lady, as NY Senator, and now as SoS. Dare we say…someday as Prez!?

      I am thrilled at everything you shared regarding her work in the Arkansas school system. I covered it a bit in my book but it is wonderful to hear this from someone with first hand knowledge. This speaks to her character and determination and it is endlessly shocking to me how many detractors still call her names and act like she is some spoiled, entitled person. Hogwash. I hope Maureen Dowd of NYT is listening! Some commenters on conservative websites still love to practice Hillary hate, but it is unfortunate how little they really know of her efforts.

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this!!!

  7. Hillary Clinton For POTUS! Says: June 24, 2012 at 4:12 am

    This book is amazing Anitia. It’s so detailed and so linear. That’s quite an accomplishment because the onslaught was mind boggling at times so getting it all straight must have seemed impossible. It’s bringing back some things I’d forgotten such as the Huffpo directive on how to talk to Hillary supporters. So smarmy, so insulting.

    My sister and I were so demoralized, and angry right after the RBC *ruling* we made t shirts that said “Obama Change You Can Believe In.” marched ourselves down to the local college campus and sold them all. Then gave every red penny to Hillary. We’d already maxed out on donations so had to get creative for her at that point. lol. 😀 I got great satisfaction taking selling them those t shirts knowing I’d be making a Hillary donation with every cent.

    • Anita Finlay Says: June 24, 2012 at 5:30 am

      I am knocked out by the stories other Hillary supporters are sharing with me and certainly, by your support of my work. I have been doing someinterviews of late, with both progressive and conservative outlets. At every turn, I try to make it clear that what happened in 2008 continues today and is of vital importance to all women, no matter which side of the aisle they are on. I am also thrilled at the number of fair minded men who applaud this message. We need help getting it out there, so please spread the word!!

      And keep sharing your experiences with me! They are amazing.

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