Are Women Making The Senate More Effective?

29 Apr 2015
Image courtesy EPIC TIMES

Image courtesy EPIC TIMES

The U.S. Senate worked together to pass landmark Human Trafficking and Rape Protection legislation in a collaborative manner – something that stunned many and left the country wondering what it would take to make this a more common occurrence. Author and contributor Anita Finlay believes that this progress is because having more women in office is paving the way for effective communication. “They are able to reach across the aisle and get things done.”

Shawna Vercher, author and media strategist, says that there is a way we can encourage our Senators to continue to tackle meaningful issues: letting them know that we notice when they do things right.

Watch as Anita and Shawna discuss what is happening in the Senate and what this means for Americans wanting a more effective Congress.*

*Editorial copy generously provided by Shawna Vercher.

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