Women are Fundraising Their Way to the Big Political Table

09 Jul 2015

hillary funraisers

Hillary Clinton’s first quarter fundraising total of $45 million revealed that women comprised more than 60% of her donor base.  Regardless of Party, this kind of financial participation is essential if women want to be treated as more than one issue voters or a political football during election season. Women have typically been out-raised  by men by a ratio of 4 to 1. Is it any coincidence that women are outnumbered by (at least) this ratio in Congress, on the news, as leads in film? And if women change the fundraising ratio, will this change how women are treated by  political candidates for this Presidential campaign?

My co-host, author and media strategist Shawna Vercher, says that women giving and raising money could impact more than just this election. “Women not being as successful at running for office is also attributed to this same issue: they are uncomfortable asking for money.” Shawna says that overcoming this hurdle could also increase the number of women that hold public office, which also shifts the dynamics on issues that are important to them.  We may remember that 1992 was billed as the “year of the woman” because more women were swept into public office. Their elections had a direct correlation to women-friendly legislation. Fundraising is another way for women to increase their sphere of influence.

See Shawna and Anita discuss why this could change politics – and what to look for as other candidates release their own fundraising totals – in this episode of Dare We Say.



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