Wishing You a Joyous, Fulfilling 2014!

01 Jan 2014

I typically spend a few minutes on New Year’s morning with a notebook, scribbling about the events of the year just past, contemplating behaviors that no longer serve me and envisioning the year ahead.  Some years exceed my wildest expectations and others are, shall we say, like walking through molasses.

2012 was like riding a winged horse being chased by a giant fireball!  2013 was a mixed bag — some smooth sailing, new avenues discovered and opportunities realized, offset by moments of feeling mired in muck.  Through it all, I was and am grateful for the amazing support of friends and family.Anita on Brave Girls Want Campaign

Of all the stories I read or wrote about in 2013, the two that inspired me most were Ms. Antoinette Tuff, the school office worker who talked a gunman out of a mass shooting, saving her own life, his, and likely, countless children.  Her compassion, presence of mind and courage beyond measure reverberate deeply.

My other favorite was five year old Miles Scott, otherwise known to us as “Batkid.”  After spending over three years of his young life battling Leukemia, he got to save an entire city with the help of thousands of San Francisco “volunteers” who turned out to support his fulfilling journey courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The memory of his exuberance in performing his mission is something I want to carry like a talisman.

As my favorite teacher and mentor Julie Ariola likes to say, “Dare you the courage to be all of who you are.”

My intention is to find the courage of those who have inspired me, to follow through without fear and then, most important, win or lose, to have the ability to sit back and laugh at the show.

I wish you great abundance and a joyous, fulfilling adventure in 2014.

What do you envision for yourself?

How do you like to welcome the New Year?





  1. Anita – Those were two of my favorite stories also. The power of an individual – Ms. Tuff and of community and cooperation in the thousands of strangers who came together for young Miles.

    Wishing you a year of wonderful possibilities!

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