Why Is Governor Scott Walker Averse to Transparency?

05 Aug 2015

Why Is Governor Scott Walker Averse to Transparency?

When Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker takes the stage this Thursday at the first Republican presidential debate, he should be asked how he feels about the need for campaign finance reform, given that the Conservative dominated Wisconsin high court just voted along party lines to quash an investigation into Scott Walker’s campaign finance behavior in 2012, setting up a test case where dark money can go undisclosed and flood election campaigns. You or I can’t give $25 without full disclosure, but a corporation can give $100,000 to “issues” votes and the public will never know who they are or what they’ve contributed. Author and Commentator Anita Finlay says, “Couple that with his repealing the ban on a 7-day work week and his attempts to stop public access to government records and we have to wonder why the New York Times and others are not feverishly demanding answers.”

Political strategist Shawna Vercher also reacted to Walker’s recent failed attempts to repeal certain transparency laws within the state government, making it more difficult for the public to obtain documents and learn aspects of legislation: “I realize he wants to flout that as Governor he is all powerful, like the great Oz, but is that really what Republican voters want? I don’t understand the strategy here.”  Alternet and The New Yorker provide the gory details.

Join Shawna and Anita as they dig underneath Scott Walker’s regular guy patina to reveal the kind of rule he has offered in Wisconsin. Is this the kind of platform that would appeal to a coalition of voters? What say you?


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