What’s The New York Times’ Gripe with Hillary Clinton?

05 Jun 2015

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Talking with Ed Berliner on Newsmax’s The Hard Line, I suggested one might want to learn the identity of The New York Times’ major shareholder. “There is definitely an agenda when it comes to Hillary,” I said.  I cannot tell you what is in the hearts and minds of the owners or editorial staff, but as my recent article, The New York Times’ Vendetta Against Hillary Clinton illustrates, a predetermined narrative exists to deride her character, mischaracterizing her current actions, often with the result of obscuring her Senate record, her work as Secretary of State or the recent campaign issues she has embraced.  Please click the image above as I share some thoughts with Ed on what might account for this prestigious corporation’s behavior and debate some myopic Hillary attacks.

Secretary Clinton has received fair treatment at the hands of foreign journalists like Kim Ghattas of the BBC, much of the local American press, web outfits like Vox and Salon, Slate’s Jamelle Bouie, and surprisingly from Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. But the American people shouldn’t have to dig that hard to find  balanced investigative journalism.

Late breaking update 6 5 2015:  The New York Times editorial board just endorsed Hillary Clinton’s stand on expanded voting rights.  This is a rare glimmer of light in their coverage.  Please take a look.  Because I do want to present a balanced picture.

Second update 6 6 2015: Just when I wanted to give the New York Times a break, prominent NYT columnist Frank Bruni penned an excruciating and hateful piece about Secretary Clinton (I will not link to it). Also today, NYT featured another article by reporters Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin on Hillary’s electoral strategy that seemed as confused as it was incorrect. Christopher Hayes of MSNBC among others openly questioned this reporting on Twitter.

Clinton is pursuing a 50 state strategy and painting in bold colors, embracing criminal justice reform, gay marriage, immigration reform, expanded voting rights, climate change, empowering women and championing small business. In other words, she is running as a proud Democrat and fighting for every vote — yet this article seems to be “concern trolling” about her narrow scope.  Clearly, as the New York Times continues its odd coverage, more scrutiny of them is required in return.




  1. Thank you Anita for speaking truth to politics!! Hillary Clinton supports the average, everyday, middle-class, working American. Not to mention the poor, minorities, and the generally disadvantaged. The New York Times, on the other hand, does not. The most elite members of our society form the backbone to the Times! And by the way, the biggest stockholder at the Times is none other than FoxNews owner, Rupert Murdoch!! Um, no thanks!

    • Anita Finlay Says: June 7, 2015 at 12:58 am

      Looking for proof of that, Steve. Attaching Rupert Murdock’s name to them officially would be quite the coup! If you have the paper trail on that one, please share. And thanks so much for your comments.

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