In Today’s GOP, Cruelty Is The Point

20 Sep 2022

When Governors Abbott and DeSantis use asylum-seekers as a callous political stunt, spending millions transporting them across state lines, halfway across the country in fact, I feel ill. For these men to treat human beings this way is abhorrent. When multi-millionaire GOP politicians threaten to sunset, privatize, cut or otherwise lay waste to Social Security, I am likewise disgusted. Anyone who imagines Social Security will only be taken those they might deem “undeserving,” be sure they will take your benefits, too—the benefits you’ve worked your ass off for 45 years to accrue.  And privatizing it will surely be its end. Those who get their hands on that trough will find a way to take it for themselves. History tells us as much.

We are many years past a situation where we can pitch a “both sides are bad” argument. It is clear that one Party (at the very least, its loudest voices), has gone so far off the deep end, one can only conclude that their cruelty is the point. How else to explain GOP being over the moon about overturning Roe v. Wade via the Dobbs decision, several of its senior Senators going so far as to pitch a nationwide abortion ban, regardless of health risk to the mother, rape, incest, ectopic pregnancy, birth defects—or the legal right of every woman to be treated as an equal citizen under the law and have autonomy over her own person.

I can’t imagine anybody pushing such policies and thinking that even those in their own Party would want to vote for them. For example, Republicans around the country have been surprised to discover millions of women (in both Parties) are outraged by the Dobbs decision. Therefore, Republicans up for re-election this November are scrubbing their websites and softening their anti-choice positions in the media in a cynical effort to hide the truth of their positions–and intentions.

Lastly, apart from the frustration of seeing the GOP taking credit for legislation Democrats have passed, which GOP members in Congress and Senate unanimously voted down, I have to ask myself why anyone would believe such falsehoods.

Please do not let anyone disguise, obfuscate or otherwise cloak what their actual agenda is. Get the facts from a neutral source and make sure you understand what you’re voting for—and against—this November.


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