Stop Pretending There’s a Liberal Media Bias

14 May 2018

Stop Pretending There’s a Liberal Media Bias

Beware anyone trying to tell you that there is a liberal media bias on major news programs. On Sunday’s State of the Union, CNN’s Jake Tapper featured none other than the cantankerous, ego-driven and relatively unaccomplished Senator Bernie Sanders. He beats up more DEMS than GOP and has been nicer to Trump than he was to Hillary.  Sanders will be 79 in 2020 is talking about another Presidential run.  He was resoundingly beaten in the 2016 primaries to the tune of 4 million votes and 300 pledged delegates (not super delegates).  Voters made their preference known. It wasn’t him.

That Bernie will be pushing 80 in 2020 seems to be of no concern to anyone. Hillary will be 73 and won more votes than any white man in history in the 2016 general election, yet she is told to go hide out in the woods and basically shut up and go away.

Six corporations own 90%+ of all media in this country.  Why is this Bernie narrative constantly put forth?  “The medium is the message.”  Ask yourselves why Sanders is pushed as some sort of progressive icon by the news. It is clear that he more than anyone else helped Trump to the presidency. (Thanks to Don Lemon for admitting as much).

Why is Bernie Sanders being pushed down the American gullet? He is booked almost more than any other guest.  Why are news media not featuring the voices of powerful women and persons of color? Where are Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Patty Murray, or Tammy Duckworth, for example.  Sunday was Mother’s Day for crying out loud.  Jake Tapper can’t feature one of these powerful, accomplished women role models? Any one of them is far more likely to be the future of the Dem Party than Sanders.  Who. Is. Not. A. Democrat.

What does this tell us when media conglomerates are constantly pushing the voices of old white men.

Per a shocking 2012 4th Estate study, the results of which are largely unchanged today, when discussing women’s health care, men are quoted 5:1 over women.  Men’s voices are solicited 4:1 and 3:1 over women when discussing foreign policy and the economy.  Women are outnumbered in Congress 4 to 1.  How many people of color are in Congress?

There is a direct correlation between media deciding whose voices are in authority, the laws we have and our legislative representation.

Now is this making sense?

We have to fight back and stop accepting the status quo of wealthy old white men deciding the narrative.  Boycott.  Complain. Start your own.

Only when they feel it in the pocketbook will any of this change.

Most important, VOTE OUT anyone trying to ensure you don’t have a voice.




  1. Jj. Mistretta Says: May 18, 2018 at 5:11 am


  2. Kathleen Wynne Says: May 23, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Why is Sanders getting any media coverage? This guy has done literally NOTHING during his 40 year tenure living off of taxpayer dollars. He just proves that any man, even one as old as sanders, will get a free pass and never be held to the same standards that women are held to. I turn the channel every time he comes on MSNBC with Chris Hayes, who I think is a misogynist underneath. Has anyone noticed that sanders usually appears on Hayes’ show but not on Rachel Maddow’s show? I think Rachel, more than Hayes, recognizes that they were totally unfair in their coverage of Hillary and totally in the tank for sanders throughout the primary and after. I don’t think Hayes feels any remorse for how he treated Hillary, but I do think Rachel recognizes their role in helping trump get into the oval office by their constant criticism of everything Hillary did or said, while turning a blind eye to both sanders and trump, the totally incompetent, unqualified males in the race.

    I have no doubt sanders was helped by the Russians. Why else do we never see him criticize what is being discovered about their role in the 2016 election and the fact that so many of the Bernie Bros were just Russian bots. Why doesn’t the media question sanders on his reaction the Russians posed as his followers? They wouldn’t hesitate if it were Hillary instead of sanders and sanders would be screaming and pointing his finger on television every day condemning Hillary non-stop if the Russians had posed as Hillary supporters.

    Despite all of the efforts to undermine Hillary in that election, she still beat sanders by 4 million and trump by 3 million (I bet that the final votes in both the primary and the general were higher than reported because I believe the Russians manipulated the voting machines, particularly the electoral vote). These guys cheated and she still won both the primary AND the general. Imagine if Hillary won the presidency the same way trump did. What would the media and the country be saying now?

    I will never get over such blatant misogyny and how it has harmed our country and the world for that matter.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Kathleen. I have no doubt there was plenty fishy about BS’ campaign. I can’t say I agree about Maddow however. She, like Hayes, ran Hillary down while bolstering Sanders and she regrets nothing. In fact, she’d do it again.

  3. Kathleen Wynne Says: May 24, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    You’re right about Maddow bolstering sanders during the primary with no regrets and probably would do it again to save face, but still she hasn’t had sanders on her show as much as hayes has. in fact, sanders is rarely a guest on her show. of course, now that the truth is coming out about the Russian’s interfering with the election and they actually did succeed in getting trump elected, not to mention Comey’s blatant bias towards Hillary while protecting trump before the election with his unconventional press conferences admonishing Hillary for using a private e-mail server (even though Powell did) and then announcing 10 days before the election that she was under investigation again but not one word about trump being investigated for Russian interference in an American election. Surely, even Maddow has to see how wrong this has all been from start to finish. She’ll never openly admit it, but how can she not see how unfair and biased she and her colleagues were towards Hillary?

    I wrote a lengthy letter to her asking her where was all of her investigative prowess during the primary/general elections that she is presently exhibiting every night now that trump is in the WH? A little late don’t you think? Why did she totally ignore conducting investigations into sander’s AND trump’s backgrounds, despite evidence of a very checkered past for both men which richly deserved scrutiny by the press? On the other hand, she could never say enough critical things about Hillary at every turn? Let’s not forget that Hillary has been vetted profusely by the media AND the republicans since she moved to Arkansas with Bill, but no one in the media thought it highly appropriate and necessary to vet these two jerks? It gives me great satisfaction that even though sanders and trump were given free passes by the press, Hillary still won. The will of the people was totally run over by the media in their aiding and abetting Russia’s efforts to steal the election for their boy, trump.

    As you can see, I’m still mad as hell, particularly, in how the press and the dems continue to ignore the fact that the election was “stolen” from Hillary. Trump did not WIN it! Imagine if Hillary had “won” the same way trump did! She would have been impeached by now and burned at the stake literally.

    When will this country wake up and realize what has happened and what we lost? It just goes to show that misogyny is more powerful than allowing than the will of the people to prevail in choosing the most extraordinarily qualified person to run for the presidency in our lifetime simply because she was a woman. It defies all logic and reason, which I thought men were supposed to have in abundance.

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