Republicans Fake Feminist Outrage to Bash Trump – Hilarity Ensues

11 Aug 2015

Republicans Fake Feminist Outrage to Bash Trump - Hilarity Ensues

After Republican frontrunner Donald Trump retaliated against tough debate questioning by FOX News’ Megyn Kelly, saying “she had blood coming out of her wherever,” the menstruation slur had Republicans in an uproar. Candidates like Carly Fiorina pretended offense, yet simultaneously swore that the equal rights Hillary Clinton champions for women are pandering and not needed. Fiorina also denied the need for paid maternity leave. Senator Marco Rubio, frustrated by his second tier numbers, tried to out-Conservative everyone by saying there should never be abortion, even in the case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Jeb Bush wondered whether we even needed to spend $500 million on women’s health care. And we’re worried about Trump being a misogynist?

Media strategist Shawna Vercher pointed to the hypocrisy of Trump’s critics. “That he’s a sexist is not in doubt, but are they are responding to him just to get attention for themselves? The policies Republican candidates are offering, or not offering, women are the real offense here.”

Author and commentator Anita Finlay agreed. “Women are 53% of the voting electorate and a lot smarter than you think. Get behind concrete policies that benefit women. Such ideas are rapidly becoming more attractive to men, too. Then you’ll get some attention.”

But while Anita still feels Trump has ulterior motives that belie a serious candidacy, Shawna is of the mind that his ego, and pocketbook, have taken over and he’s making a serious run at the presidency. “That may well be true,” Anita countered, “But when voters start paying attention a year from now, the train wreck of Trump’s bombast may grow less attractive.”

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