Remembering Jerry Doyle, My Unlikely Pal

30 Jul 2016

Remembering Jerry Doyle, My Unlikely Pal 1

I’m sure Jerry Doyle, top syndicated radio host, Babylon 5 star, Conservative, EPIC TIMES founder, and all around big personality had no idea what to make of me the first time we spoke on his show. It took about thirty seconds for us to realize we were kindred spirits who could find common ground despite our differing politics. He labeled our first exchange “When Republicans and Democrats Dare to Agree” and from that moment through nearly another 100 interviews, Jerry was engaging and comfortable enough in his own skin to offer me (and so many others) a platform to express ideas unlike his own. I will be forever grateful to him.  Jerry’s lightning wit, civility and natural curiosity always made him a pleasure to talk to. His tireless work ethic and integrity were qualities I respected deeply.

His untimely death this week comes as a painful shock to all of us and is a great loss not only to his loved ones, but to anyone who appreciated his generous spirit.  I looked forward to our conversations, knowing that we could travel anywhere, from politics to pop culture or the most dire social issues without ever forsaking respectful dialogue, no matter how boisterous our exchange.  In today’s polarized environment, his conduct was a welcome oasis.

Remembering Jerry Doyle, My Unlikely Pal 2

Jerry Doyle & Anita Finlay at 2013 LA Talkers Conference

I considered Jerry a friend and will long mourn his loss. I can think of no better way to honor him than to remember him doing what he did best, engaging in conversation on the radio.  With your kind permission, I attach my favorite interview with him, a lighthearted segment about relationships. No matter how much Jerry wanted to move the needle politically, he treasured the personal and valued laughter as a perfect healer.

Dear Jerry, rest with the angels and with all my heart, I thank you for your kindness and for providing a welcoming space to so many.





  1. Hi Anita: I am so very sorry about the loss of your dear friend Jerry. No doubt he appreciated the wonderful personal and professional friendship you shared. The interview was terrific and the banter, fun yet important in many ways. By the way, I would want my husband on that island too. All the best, Elaine

  2. Anita, Wow. Very sorry to hear Jerry Doyle had passed away. I loved every interview you did together. You two played off each other’s energy so well. Especially on controversial topics. Being able to explore various sides of an issue and still interject so humor if a art. You are in my thoughts, my friend.

    • Linda, I am so grateful to you for all the support you gave to our interviews, offering us a forum with your audience. Jerry was one of a kind and I cannot imagine anyone who comes close to his skill and style when we spoke.

  3. Anita — I know this was a huge loss for you and those who loved Jerry. The chemistry you two had was amazing. I am,honestly, without words. As you know, this year has been filled with so many young people who have silently disappeared from our universe and the reason behind it doesn’t make sense. Wishing him well, wherever he finds himself and I hope that his voice will continue to resonate with those he encounters on his next journey. He gave you a name, a home and a voice and treated you with the utmost respect. A gracious, funny and likeable soulmate! May he Rest in Peace! Elisa

    • Thank you, Elisa. Jerry and I talked to each other like we’d been friends for 25 years. It was always a treat to speak with him. And, yes, the respect he gave me (and all his guests) was a rare blessing that offered fertile ground to cover so much that is important to all of us, even if we disagreed.

      We covered the waterfront and his loss is devastating. I’ll never forget my dear pal.

  4. I am a long time Jerry Doyle fan and listener. Your conversations with him (Jerry said he didn’t do interviews – he had conversations) were some of my favorites. While I don’t agree with you on everything, you give me lots of things to think about as a woman and I really enjoy reading all of your opinions and thoughts. Thanks for posting this – I remember listening to this live and laughing right along with both of you. The exchange of ideas was a beautiful microcosm of what all conversations could be.

    • Rebecca,

      Your comment touched me deeply. Thank you for everything you shared and for giving me an opportunity to come into your home and offer a different view. Blessings upon you always.

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