No, We Are Not Done With Sexism

07 Nov 2015

Beltway Media’s Hillary Email Narrative Begins to CrumbleThe tropes used to advanced sexist stereotypes may be more subtle now than they were the last time Hillary Clinton ran for President, but there is still a double standard when measuring a woman’s appearance, likability, authenticity and credibility.  And yes, it might be sexist when Senator Sander’s presidential campaign operative says he would consent to “interview” Hillary Clinton for a subservient position — especially when she is a former First Lady, two term Senator and Secretary of State who leads that operative’s boss by 30 points in the polls nationally. That I still have to explain why such tactics are likely more than simple “competition” tells me we’ve still got a long way to go, baby.

In my most recent interview with popular radio host, Jerry Doyle, I make the case that this is a long standing method for certain insecure men to take strong women down a peg.  Good for Senator Sanders for disavowing these statements and good for the men who feel powerful enough that they are not threatened by a woman having some — or plenty of — power.

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