Missouri Students Are Just Getting Started in Their Fight

19 Nov 2015

Missouri Students Are Just Getting Started in Their Fight

Racial tensions and protests have continued to escalate on the University of Missouri campus even after the President of the University resigned. Death threats, swastikas painted on the walls of buildings and altercations at student events indicate that the controversy is far from over. While students may have won the battle when they forced the resignation of the President, they have much farther to go if they want to win the war of racial equality and acceptance.

“There are certain things the student protesters did really well,” said Shawna Vercher, media strategist and author. “They are finally understanding the playbook. You can’t just be on the side of morally right. You have to have leverage and you have to have media coverage in this day and age. Those things they did really well.” However, Shawna wonders if they are ready – or even capable – of maintaining the media’s interest and using it to lead to real change.

Anita Finlay, author and contributor, discussed just how tense the situation has grown on campus. “Once the news cycle shifts and whether the cameras stay or go, there is a big problem at the University of Missouri, and elsewhere, that needs to be addressed. The University President leaving did not solve the problem.” Clearly, a sensational, soundbite addicted media might like to pretend otherwise

What is happening at the University on Missouri is important beyond the flash of the initial conflict because it points to bigger issues we are facing across this country, including students feeling unsafe on their own campuses and race relations in America.

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