Magnificent, Courageous “Batkid” Reminds of the Joys of Giving and Thanksgiving

25 Nov 2013

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the touching, beautiful story of five-year old Miles Scott, in remission after a three-year battle with Leukemia.  Given his love of Batman and all thing superhero, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and 13,000 San Francisco ‘volunteers’ showed up to help make his crime fighting dreams a reality.  Here he is getting the keys to the city:

miles Scott

As Miles’ parents put it, his “Batkid” odyssey was a kickoff to a joyous afterparty after battling Leukemia since he was 18 months old.  And now, Miles has journeyed from San Francisco to the real Gotham, New York City, to continue his crimefighting efforts. 

The video, courtesy Good Morning America and this pictorial from NY Daily News are terrific: 

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Miles’ exuberance is so moving, as is the outpouring of support from many thousands across the country for his continuing adventures. 

He reminds me to keep in perspective the frustrations and challenges that threaten to undermine my day, “chill-ax” and express gratitude for the small wonders and wonderful people I am blessed to have around me.

Please accept my wishes to you and yours for a safe, warm, loving and bountiful Thankgiving. 





  1. Love this story! Miles is an awesome batman and so inspiring! I can’t get the video to work darn it. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    • Looks like the video feed was removed. Sorry about that, but the great pix are still available at the NY Daily News link I noted above. Happy Thanksgiving. I will try to see if it is retrievable….

  2. He really is special batkid. So is Batman. They don’t have super powers…just a super connection to the best…all of us can share. If i had a wish, it would be to share dreams and help them come true. Wait, i guess i can…take care…big hug…

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