Jazz Greats Acoustic Alchemy Inspire Art for Its Own Sake

21 Jun 2015

Jazz Greats Acoustic Alchemy Inspire Art for Its Own Sake

Watching Acoustic Alchemy last night at the Catalina Jazz Grill in Hollywood, my hubby, friends and I pinched ourselves, incredulous at our good fortune. Being entertained by superior talents like these in a small supper club seemed unbelievable.  The crowd was most appreciative, yet the place was not sold out. I kept thinking, where the hell is the rest of L.A.? They don’t know what they’re missing! Accomplished artists with more than 20 albums and numerous hits to their credit, Acoustic Alchemy played their hearts out for an intimate crowd with energy befitting headliners at the Hollywood Bowl. Beyond bang for the buck, these gentlemen inspired me with their precision, artistry and enthusiasm.

Acoustic Alchemy and Steve Oliver (a brilliant artist in his own right and recent addition to the band) reminded me that the only thing that matters is doing what you care about for its own sake. Success is measured by ones own fulfillment in the cause — and deeply felt by those who receive the love you put into the effort.

I know I’m not alone in having moments of feeling like I’m tilting at windmills.  And in the midst of home renovations and stress on other fronts, I arrived at Catalina’s with a tweaky back and an urge to retire prematurely and immediately to Montana to bake cookies at a B&B. It is no exaggeration to say at the end of the night, the backache was all but gone and I felt renewed, energized and ready to raise the flag once again.

Thanks, gents, for the reminder that getting out of my own way is as simple as re-applying myself to what I love. Trust will take care of the rest.

Enjoy a little taste of “Jamaican Heartbeat.” They have so much fabulous music to share. Be sure to check them out.


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