Is Governor Pence’s RFRA Making the Republican Party Unelectable?

01 Apr 2015

Is Governor Pence's RFRA Making the Republican Party Unelectable? 1

Why is Indiana’s Governor Pence doubling down on regressive social policy with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, when it makes the Republican Party look like “right wing whackos” out of touch with the mainstream? So asks radio host and EPIC TIMES founder Jerry Doyle. Jerry and I agree that a strong two party system is necessary for effective governance. But since President Obama’s last state of the union address garnered five different Republican responses, we are seeing a fractured Party clinging to wedge issues to maintain a foothold.

Who’s really behind the rightward push in a number of states?

What is the Party leadership thinking? And are they doing their membership a disservice?

anita talks with jerryIf the massive boycott of Indiana owing to Pence’s signing of the RFRA is any indication, no other state is going to fare better economically – or socially – by pushing for such a law.

What about independent voters? What are the issues most important to them today? If the right doesn’t connect with the changing electorate, they are destined to continue losing Presidential races. What’s it going to take for cooler heads to prevail? And how is this a lesson for all of us…

Jerry and I get fired up and dig into to all of these issues and more. Don’t miss our interview!



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