Hillary’s Not Shouting, Boys. She’s In Charge.

05 Feb 2016

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When famed journalist Bob Woodward made reference to Hillary’s “shouting” the other day, I kept wondering if Bernie Sanders’ incessant barking, even yelling, on the campaign trail bothered him.  But, no.  Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of The Hill, got a snoot full of twitter backlash during the Dem Debate last night when he tweeted:

When Hillary Clinton raises her voice, she loses.

These guys have problems with a lot of things Hillary. Apparently, she cannot be paid to give speeches, even though men are paid more without issue. (She donated most of her fees to charity – still not good enough). Hillary has been bashed for her wardrobe, her “cackle,” her ankles.

The “shouting” thing would be comical if it didn’t betray something so devastating about these insecure dinosaurs.

They are not afraid of Hillary shouting. They are afraid of Hillary connecting.

They are not put off by her “yelling.” They are terrified of Hillary’s confidence, her knowledge, her work record and the fact that she’s a helluva lot looser out there on the trail.

Woodward and his buddies are scared she is hitting away, and chipping away at male dominance, so they mask it with this regressive attempt to control the woman, i.e., Hillary, with their thumb-sucking version of femininity.

When are we going to stop expecting a woman to dress, respond and “sound” perfectly? This trap is one in which Goldilocks’ porridge will always be too hot or too cold. But of course, that’s the idea. A woman even tweeted to me last night about “Hillary’s annoying voice” — because women likewise have been taught to judge themselves, so some project this onto her.

A friend and fellow traveler on Facebook, Stuart Equality Williams, well expressed the crazy-making double standards Hillary Clinton has long had to endure from mainstream media and those hell bent on finding any reason to dislike her:

“If she shows emotion, she’s weak. If she doesn’t show emotion, she’s cold.

If she expresses anger, she’s a hysterical feminist. If she doesn’t express anger, she’s passionless.

When she declared her 2008 candidacy early, she was an entitled bitch.

When she delayed her 2016 announcement, she was a ruthless bitch who was f**king over the men who wanted to run.

Her hairstyle is so hideous; she should change it. Her hairstyle is so hideous; she never should have changed it.

If she doesn’t admit she was wrong about something and change her position, she’s an establishment jerk who doesn’t listen. If she does admit she was wrong about something and changes her position, she’s a cynical opportunist.

On and on and on. She can’t f**king win.”

Brilliantly put. Except for one thing — Hillary CAN f**king win.

Isn’t that what these guys are worried about?



  1. Jerry Ferguson Says: February 5, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    You nailed it, Anita.

  2. Great job Anita! Thank you.

  3. She is in total control and some men can handle a woman that is in control. I think it is time for them to get use to it, President Hillary Clinton 2016.

    • Anita Finlay Says: February 6, 2016 at 12:36 am

      Karen, “Propane Jane” wrote it perfectly on twitter, Hillary is getting more powerful so now we suddenly hear from the voice police.

  4. Thank you! Nobody seems to understand this when I talk about it.

    • Anita Finlay Says: February 6, 2016 at 12:39 am

      Heather, this is partly because mainstream media, advertisers, comedians and pundits so train us to criticize women for every part of their presentation, whether it is “lighthearted” or otherwise — it becomes a part of the culture. Now, thankfully, more people are calling it out for what it is: sexism, bias, misogyny.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. For me, screaming dialogue into a mike doesn’t make you more powerful, nor make your content any more relevant. She comes off as being scripted and phony when she does that, and gender has nothing to do with it. It is all about a person’s credibility. Whenever I hear her speak, for some reason alarm bells start ringing n my mind, the alarm bells heard before on so many other occasions. Occasions such as Nixon’s “I am not a crook”, George Bush’s “Read my lips…no new taxes”, and maybe a little closer to home, Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Her kinesics betray her, there is something I consider very false about her, and that has nothing to do with her being a woman. I have heard Elizabeth Warren shout and she comes off as being genuine. I have heard Michelle Obama speak and she impressed me with her empathy. The only thing that happens when Hillary speaks is I start looking for the remote. So sorry, everything in life is not so neat as to have a label applied to it, like “sexist” Sometimes there are other perspectives which hold true.

    • Anita Finlay Says: February 6, 2016 at 12:34 am

      Patrick, I believe you are being inauthentic.

    • Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Michelle Obama is running for President. If they were, you’d be hearing (and internalizing) plenty of comments about their bodies, their voices, their accents, their hair, the whole shebang. These judgments come out when a woman is perceived as a threat, and a female President is one big fat threat to many of us in this body politic, whether we are aware of it or not. That’s the “something.”

      • Michael O'Neill Says: February 6, 2016 at 2:03 pm

        Yes, you’re probably right but many of us Bernie supporters would have been voting for Elizabeth Warren if she were running because of her passion and because she is consistently on the right side of the issues where Hillary is not. Maybe it’s you that are concentrating on the “circus” rather on the issues on which Bernie gets my vote. Shame on you if you make this very important election a feminist issue!

        • Anita Finlay Says: February 6, 2016 at 3:42 pm

          Shame on ME? Got off my website, you rude man. Elizabeth Warren was a Republican til 1996. So much or your purity tests. Hillary was fighting on for YOU whether you know it or not, while EW was still voting with Republicans. If you are representation of a Bernie supporter, you are not helping him.

          • Deb Lubin Says: February 7, 2016 at 2:08 am

            Well, you know that Hillary was a Republican in her earlier days too, right? Just had to point that out. Otherwise, I completely agree with what you wrote! These guys are afraid of strong women!

    • So, you must really be upset when Bernie yells into the microphone, flails his arms, points his finders, and pounds on the podium! Or…………….maybe not!

  6. Sorry Anita, but since I am also a woman, at least last time I checked, my refusal to vote for this woman, completely rests on Hillary’s policies, character and beliefs. Being a good Secretary of State, does not necessarily make a great Head of State. This isn’t about being “unlucky” to end up running against Barack, and now Bernie. What this is about is her core values, her strengths and weaknesses, her commitment to truth…and, her ability to connect to the people she would serve. Most Americans today are looking for a hero, a truth speaker, a person who walks in their shoes, someone they feel they can trust, a person who’s life is framed in honesty.
    A great example of dishonesty is suddenly grabbing the Progressive banner, and waving it out in front of us all, claiming you’ve had it all along. Or claiming you will be tough on banking, when you’ve taken their money (lots of it) and voted to allow them to be the worst bandits in history.
    As much as I would love a chick sitting in the big boy chair in the White House, Hillary is not that girl for me and many of us, based on the facts, not her cackling.

    • Well said Linda.

      • This is for Deb, above. Just so you know, Hillary was only a “Republican” at 17 because her father was. As soon as she was able to cast her first vote — she voted DEMOCRAT and has been one ever since she was a teenager.

    • The facts?? If you had any idea how much Hillary has fought for you her whole life???

    • Linda, you are entitled to vote for whomever you want. But at least be honest about why to yourself, if to noone else. You claim you reasons for not supporting Hillary are based on “her core values, her strengths and weaknesses, her commitment to truth…and, her ability to connect to the people she would serve. Most Americans today are looking for a hero, a truth speaker, a person who walks in their shoes, someone they feel they can trust, a person who’s life is framed in honesty.” What “core values” are you not impressed with in regards to Ms. Clinton? She is a woman of faith, a Mother, Grandmother, and someone who has championed her entire LIFE for the betterment of those she serves. She has fought for women’s rights, children, Seniors, our vets, and everyone in between. She has championed causes like healthcare, education, the environment, wages, income inequality, and worker’s rights. She didn’t start out her life “wealthy”. She came from a middle-class family and WORKED her way up. “Walking in their shoes”? She’s been there, and done that! And your constant referrals to “honesty”? What crimes has Hillary EVER been convicted of? Not “accused of”, but “convicted of”? None. Anyone can make a claim against someone. And no one knows THAT better than Ms. Clinton. She has had MANY made against her. But in this country we are presumed INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty, Ms. Schalk. Not the other way around! And for all the “claims” against her in all the years they have been made, I have YET for a single person to show one shred of REAL evidence proving any of it! Let’s see proof that she EVER took money for any “vote”. Or that she was “bribed” to do anything. Or that she did any “favors for” any corporation because of some donation. Not mere claims or one’s biased assumptions. Real EVIDENCE. If honesty is such an issue, then I don’t imagine that you are supporting Mr. Sanders, correct? Not a man who openly lied JUST so he could run in a primary of a political party he was NEVER a registered member of! A man who openly lied about his campaign not having “gone after” data of a fellow competitor. A man who allowed his campaign to claim he had endorsements that he did NOT have. A man who has lied about the cost of the healthcare plan he is promoting. ALL of these “claims” against this person CAN be supported with “real evidence”, Ms. Schalk.Your claims of why you are not supporting Ms. Clinton simply do not jive with the facts. Again, you ARE entitled to support whomever you wish for whatever reasons you wish. Just don’t blow smoke as to why you are!

  7. So much this.
    Brilliantly said.
    I have been, and always will be, Team Hillary.

  8. syracuseny Says: February 6, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Can’t F**ing win? Ah, but she will indeed win when all is said and done. #Hillary2016.

  9. I suppose when you’re unable to respond to legitimate criticism of your candidate, beating up on a strawman is the best strategy available.

  10. Don Koester Says: February 6, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Hillary is not representative of the great American woman as she pretends…only a corrupt liberal politician about to be indicted for crimes….and supporting her pervert hubby while destroying the lives of countless women he abused/raped etc….I know some of these victims first hand..Enough with this sexism about men being the probllem… Hillary will LOSE the election either to Bernie orTrump!

    • Are you rude or genuinely ignorant of all she has done on behalf of women and families?

    • Mr. Koester, your comments are indicative of someone who seems to think they and only they have a valid opinion. First, let me start off by stating that YOU don’t get to speak for “the women Hillary would represent”. Not as a man or for any OTHER reason. That is reserved for those of us who ARE women and then only for ourselves! Hillary has diligently championed for women and our rights her entire LIFE. And you do not have the right to say whether or not she is “our” right choice to represent US. And yet again, MORE “claims” that I have not yet seen a SINGLE person ever support with any real evidence! Hillary is a “corrupt” politician? Can we see your actual proof of her ever having “taken a bribe”. Or been paid for a “vote”. Or done any favor for any “donation”. Not more “claims” by others who want to ASSUME the same things you do, Mr. Koester, but REAL EVIDENCE. I won’t hold my breath waiting! I won’t even go into your claims of “knowing anyone firsthand”! Nor your other ridiculous claims of Mr. Clinton having “raped” anyone! How assinine of you! And if you don’t think that “men” can be a problem, it’s YOU who are being “Sexist”, Mr. Koester! They most certainly CAN be and many times ARE! Not only will Hillary NOT lose the election, but she WILL be the next President of the United States, Mr. Koester! And I for one, will be DAMN PROUD to have her! Better a REAL “leader” than a “spokesman with a cause”, which is all Sanders is! One one-trick pony who has only ONE real issue or agenda! Hillary is the real deal and the ONLY candidate who is qualified, experienced, and accomplished! Team Hillary all the way!

  11. andrew bellon Says: February 6, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    your meager article is sexism in reverse…another variant of playing the woman card. Lets talk more substantively about what this election is about. It’s not about a man or men or a woman or women, it’s about the choice between the rule of the few or the rule of the many.

  12. She’s not even president yet, and already she’s afflicted with the same problem plaguing President Obama: She couldn’t make people happy, if she poked them in their collective asses with a sugar stick.

  13. This website spreads false Hillary Clinton propaganda, I’m afraid i have to shut it down.
    We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us.

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