Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy – Fact Not Spin

10 Apr 2015

Hillary Clinton plans to announce her candidacy on Twitter this weekend as she journey’s to Iowa for her initial campaign blitz. Big media (left and right) are still struggling to control her narrative, manipulating the way we see our first and, so far, only viable female candidate for the Presidency of the United States. I join Midpoint’s Ed Berliner and conservative strategist Adam Goodman to tell the truth about what Hillary brings to the table, and put the kybosh on the faux email “scandal” that will no doubt be one of Republicans’ talking points as they fight to distract from their currently fractured brand.

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Host Ed Berliner poses the question: “Should Republicans focus on the issues, or continue to harp on Benghazi and the email servers.”

I also take on the prospect of Carly Fiorina’s candidacy and whether or not it is a threat to Hillary Clinton.

My vote is that the American people are looking for the adult in the room, someone who speaks to a middle class advocacy and has a real record of problem solving, not belligerence or distraction. Tune in to our interview — Share!  And share your thoughts with me.  I’m sure I’ll be back on the show to continue this discussion from now through election day 2016!


Anita Finlay is the bestselling author of Dirty Words on Clean Skin — exposing media bias in a society not as evolved as advertised.  #1 on Amazon’s Women in Politics books for 16 weeks.

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