Hillary and My Promises for 2020

25 Jun 2019
Kamala Harris Gets Hillary’d

Recalling 2016’s media sabotage of Hillary Clinton–and acknowledging that she remains our most qualified candidate by far–makes our huge slate of 2020 candidates shine less by comparison. I’d be lying to pretend my lingering disgust doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Can that change? Absolutely. The debates start tonight–a first step in separating wheat from chaff.  I’m a lot more enthusiastic about Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand than I am about any of the guys, with the exception perhaps of Julian Castro. I can promise once a true leader emerges, that person will get my full support.

Here are some more promises:

Anyone who demands loyalty pledges a year ahead of the vote, as if we’re not allowed to vet all candidates is going to be ignored and/or blocked.

The next time out-of-touch VP Joe Biden puts his foot in his mouth, I will say something.  His current claim to be a master at civility who will miraculously make all the “reasonable” Republicans come out of the woodwork and work with him smacks of empty bragging, and is insulting to those who don’t share his white privilege. He knows better, unless you are telling me Biden withheld his “magic powers” for the 8 years he was Obama’s VP.

The next time wet-behind-the-ears Mayor Pete Buttigieg shows how much trouble he’s having dealing with people of color in his own South Bend, Indiana town and how little he is ready for the national stage, I will mention it.

The next time Beto O’Rourke proposes some odd plan about a military tax to non-military families when there’s billions of dollars to be had just raising taxes on the top 1% of the top 1%, I’m going to call it out.

Would the three of them be better than trump…surely…but we’re not ready to vote yet so there’s plenty of time to insist they do better.

And for the record, every time non-Democrat Bernie Sanders proposes yet another reckless over-the-top, ill-thought out plan, like forgiving college debt for all (including rich kids), showing himself once again to be a Trojan horse and spoiler… I’m going to say so. And if I have to see Sanders bloviating about his faux “revolution” while bashing Democrats on one more Sunday news show, I’ll scream.

I’m certainly going to object every time the media drools over one of da boyz and ignores Senators Harris, Warren, Klobuchar or Gillibrand, instead focusing on their “tone”.

I’m also going to bust Ezra Klein and his media brethren for pretending that Elizabeth Warren just invented being a wonky policy nerd when he well knows Hillary Clinton did it first and did it better. While not begrudging Senator Warren her platform, I know from endless research that the only reason any media male might be nicer to a woman not named Hillary is because Warren, for example, is still far from the seat of power. If another woman gets as close as Hillary did, she will get the treatment Hillary got.

No, the media will never get a pass on this, because past is prologue. Those who insist we “move on” enable irresponsible click-bait driven news conglomerates to play the same games in 2020. They are already doing it, with pithy magazine cover spreads to unaccomplished white males, emphasizing entitlement over qualification. They simultaneously bashed Senator Harris as a corporate whore, a cop and a sellout.  First they called her a star, now they run her down. That’s how their game works.

Further, people seem to forget that in 2008 part of the reason the media was so enamored of Barack Obama was not only because of his charisma and oratory skill, but because he was running against Hillary Clinton – beltway media took every opportunity to elevate him while undermining her, both verbally and visually. I like the man and got to appreciate him more while he was in office. But the truth is the truth. For verification of this, you have only to read President Obama’s splendid, frank interview with Glenn Thrush his last year in office on this very topic. I applaud him for his honesty.

I can also promise that when 2020 rolls around, enthusiastic or not, I will get out and vote in my primary. I will vote in the general election and will likely spend money pushing my chosen candidate, whoever that turns out to be. Of course, I’d rather it be Hillary but I trust her when she says she’s not going to run. Here’s another thing I can promise: ANY candidate who takes a cheap shot at her in the name of pandering to a certain segment of the vote, pretending that one more visit to Wisconsin would have made a bloody bit of difference, you’d better believe that person is going to get called out. They won’t see a dime from me and they sure as hell won’t get my vote.

By way of a call to action, only if millions of us call our Congressperson and Senators demanding government accountability, paper ballots; demand news and social media accountability (looking at you, Facebook) and stop rewarding them with clicks do we have a prayer. But we must also maintain our ability to think critically and make the best choice, giving voice to all segments of the population, instead of letting the same blowhards dictate what’s “good for us.”

Yup, I’m good and pissed. And I’m nasty. A lot of Hillary’s voter still are. That doesn’t mean we won’t come out en masse to vote the corrupt, orange menace and his cohorts out of office because–news flash–we can multitask.

I can be furious at how 2016 played out, and how the Press is still failing, while still turning out to campaign for the person who’s going to oust that corrupt, unfeeling man.

All of this is to say, any Democrat who wants my vote is going to get it by running their own campaign and not taking cheap shots. She or he will win by being prepared, gutsy, thoughtful and by being respectful of the person or persons on whose shoulders they are standing.



  1. Barbara Joy Says: June 26, 2019 at 4:25 am

    Exactly how I feel and I’m sure millions of other.

  2. Marjorie Damashek Levine Says: June 26, 2019 at 4:28 am

    Well said, Anita. I share your sentiment in many ways, but I am impressed with Buttigieg. Thank you.

  3. yeah, what Anita said….again

  4. Hannah Simon Says: June 26, 2019 at 6:24 am

    Bravo! This is how I feel especially about the lack of acknowledgment of her plans and policies but I think you should give Buttigieg a chance. It’s good to have calm thoughtfulness in the race

  5. Carol Gillespie Says: June 26, 2019 at 7:11 am

    Anita, while I agree with ‘most’ of what you feel, I don’t totally agree with your assessment of Everything….Hillary, in my opinion, lost because of Comey !! That was utterly unbelievable and unforgivable!!! I don’t find him up for SAINTHOOD, believe me! But all that’s behind us and I appreciate your anger ..me too!. But Pete Buttigieg IS ONE OUTSTANDING CANDIDATE! I’m EXTREMELY EXCITED about him and although we have some very strong woman candidates, I’m not certain Americans are Going to see a woman as THE ONE TO BEAT THOSE FILTHY PANTS OFF trump!! And they are FILTHY, he’s just vile in every way possible! But, stop justifying Hillary by being an all for a woman President,, let’s just go with THE BEST POSSIBLE CANDIDATE TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF trump…I just want America out of his grasp and get us a real President this time…I voted for Hillary as she was, without a doubt, the perfect person in 2016 and that election was rigged and taken away from her by Russia!!! We just cannot have that again, our next President, be it man or woman has to beat trump and his crazy supporters…so, I’m 100% with you, it’s got to be a STABLE AND OUTSTANDING DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE! Please God, not Bernie! He’s just toooo much and his time is DONE! I’m not Going to call out Biden, Warren, Harris or Buttigieg, or any of the others behind them in the polls either…YET! Let’s narrow it down starting Thursday and go from there …we NEED TO WIN and I, personally don’t care if it’s a man or a woman, I want THE RIGHT AND THE BEST STRONG, STABLE AND BEST PLATFORM ‘PERSON ‘. This is an incrediblely important election… we’ve had a maniac destroying America and that’s GOT TO END!! Sooo, let’s put aside ALL THINGS HILLARY ITS TIME NOW, AND JUST GET SOMEONE OUT THERE who IS RIGHT FOR THE PRESIDENCY!! TO QUOTE SOMEONE EXTREMELY BRAVE….LETS ROLL!!!!

    • Nancy kay larson Says: June 26, 2019 at 3:06 pm

      Amen and so well put to you both, Anita and Carol G. We are behind the man OR woman who will not only beat the pants off of that usurper, (pun intended) touting himself as our President, but he or she must be educated in their work-life experiences and school, well-rounded enough and savvy, likable and articulate in speech, strong but not intimidating to the masses, enough to lead us toward bringing both parties to work together in mending the damage that he has done to us, in our own land and abroad

    • Anita Finlay Says: June 26, 2019 at 11:24 pm

      Carol, thank you so much for visiting my site. If you look through my articles, you will see that I have ripped Comey for his part in this many times, as well as Russia, Bernie, and of course, media. For the purposes of this piece, I looked forward rather than back but Hillary will always be my favorite hands down. 2016 was indeed a stolen election. You are of course, entitled to support and trumpet who you think is best in 2020.

  6. The free ride that Trump and Sander’s got from the media because they didn’t like Hillary was an abomination. That they let Trump get away with calling anyone a crook was especially galling. The media also failed in it’s duties to go after Trump’s business failures and the unabated corruption of the Trump’s and their criminal enterprises.The best example of the Medias misogyny was the Matt lauer fiasco.

  7. Love this!

  8. This old imitation of a man, will be defeated by women. Pussy grabs back!May be all his sins will be punished in the last act. He will be led away ranting and raving, cussing out women. because we will burry this one. No more free ride for you !

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