Gratitude In Challenging Times

24 Dec 2019
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Having taken a powder from my own website for six months!! (horrors), I need to stop flogging myself about it and be kind, acknowledging that sometimes life intrudes, sometimes family illness intrudes. I’m grateful to say that my loved ones are better. 

But there are also times when I have to look away, when the current media and political environment feels so toxic, I can’t bring myself to shake my fist at the heavens, as I am wont to do, for even one more minute. I admit my own frustration and feelings of inadequacy at not being able to move the needle to a more positive place, insisting that those so often marginalized have a bigger voice.

Yet whatever challenges this year has brought – and I know it’s been a rough year for many – I’m so grateful for the loving people I have in my life, for my wonderful husband and partner in all things, for my amazing in-law family, for my 93-year-old mom, who still smiles her soft party smile, letting me rest my head on her shoulder so she can stroke my hair as she’s done a thousand times. I wrap my arms around her, so happy for those healing, nurturing moments. Lord knows, we’ve been on a long, bumpy road together.

I’m grateful for my dear friends as we love and support one another through our challenges and growth spurts!

I’m also very grateful for you, taking the time to read my words and sharing a bit of your lives with me. Your kindness and nurturing encourages me to keep going. I’m inspired both by your travails and victories.

This holiday season, I remind myself to express gratitude, to hold dear the people and ideas that are important and to be less reactive to those who thrive on a negative message, personal, professional or political.

I hope to have the bandwidth, discipline and courage to jump back into the fray in the New Year, so please don’t give up on me and I promise I won’t give up either.

I pray each and all of you find joy in each moment, in those you love and those who love you.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank you for being such an important part of mine.

I wish you the happiest of holidays!



  1. Hang in there, my friend. Your voice is an important one, but your priorities are the right ones. Wishing you a new year that allows you the time and attention to let your voice be heard again.

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