Drowning In Ink By The Barrel — Reporters Who Stifle Criticism

25 Jul 2018

Hillary Stands Far Above Trump’s Stench; Cynical Media and Republican Leadership Don’t Care

New York Times‘  reporter Maggie Haberman got backlash for her recent op-ed decrying a lack of civility on Twitter, declaring she was stepping away from it as a result.  No doubt social media can be cruel, particularly for women. But we must separate facts from a self-serving or defensive posture in this case.  Did Ms. Haberman mention her habit of blocking those who offer respectful disagreement, daring to question her reporting?  While there are excellent reporters at the NYT, it also seems de rigueur that a number of them are immune to self-reflection or contrition over errors and preset negative narratives.  I wrote years ago about The New York Times Vendetta Against Hillary Clinton. Read it and this and judge for yourself.  NYT firing their own Public Editor was a big tell.  Though Hillary likely won’t run again, other women will. Unless we see beyond sanctimony masquerading as righteousness, we are doomed to repeat past mistakes. Similar smears are already being leveled at Senator Kamala Harris.

Fighting back against a corporate media’s access journalism is tough.  I’ve always prided myself on civility but it’s a greater challenge in the age of Trump.  Those of us working to remain civil find ourselves drowned by those who print ink by the barrel, clinging to their revisionist narrative, not only about the orange menace currently occupying the White House but their own complicity in normalizing him while working daily to destroying Hillary Clinton in the run up to 2016.

Maggie Haberman is a perfect example of a reporter asking us to trust that she is above reproach. Whether or not that is deserved is for you to determine.

Below, Twitter’s “Jake” (@Care2much18) tweeted a deep dive into Ms. Haberman’s past reporting, including positive articles on Trump dating back to 2011. Her negative narrative of Hillary started around the same time, while she was still at Politico.  This clarifies the butter on a great deal and is just one example of why we are where we are today.

I have posted selected tweets below but cannot do his great research justice here.  I encourage you to open and read Jake’s thread on Twitter in its entirety.

Fast forward to March 2011.

But this has been going on forever:

This is a cautionary tale, reminding us to have a healthy skepticism regarding reporters’ self-righteousness and allergy to questions regarding their work.

I had long complained of Ms. Haberman’s negative slant at Hillary since her Politico days, writing piece after piece speculating whether Hillary would run, even though Hillary herself was not in the news, only to have Haberman et al accuse her of sucking up all the air in the room.   Haberman’s bent was clear. What I hadn’t realized was how long she had been a helper to Trump’s dangerous cause.

Don’t let any reporter — or politician — tell you you are not allowed to question them, or their motives.


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