Can Jeb Bush Buy The Presidency?

30 Apr 2015
Jeb Bush Speaks at NRA/2015, live video capture, Newsmax feed

Jeb Bush Speaks at NRA/2015, live video capture, Newsmax feed

Early reports estimate that the Jeb Bush super PAC, Right to Rise, will raise an estimated $100 million dollars during its first 100 days – a record for any presidential candidate. Though Jeb Bush is not officially a candidate yet, activities by the PAC are raising eyebrows as it aims to take on some of the responsibilities normally reserved for a formal campaign, such as data gathering and phone banking.

Not only are the governing rules of a super PAC a source of debate, the fines and oversight of the FEC do not appear to be enough to even slow down this type of activity. Author and contributor Anita Finlay posed the question, “How far is this going to go?…And what do we need to do to get people to pay attention?”

Shawna Vercher, author and political strategist, compared the FEC’s oversight to parenting children, saying that we cannot expect a candidate’s behavior to change if there is no real punishment. She believes that a candidate could essentially buy the Presidency and then just deal with the lawsuits later.

Listen as Anita and Shawna discuss what is happening with the FEC – and whether Americans have any hope of a fair and legal election in 2016 – on this episode of Dare We Say.*

*Copy generously provided by Shawna Vercher.

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