Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle Talk Successful Relationships 2/11/2014 – Hilarity Ensues

12 Feb 2014

anita talks with jerryMy most recent article, Is Equality and Marriage a Sexual Turn Off, offers an irreverent take on current studies stating that marriages where both partners share chores & child rearing have less sex.  You can also check out Lori Gottlieb’s underlying NY Times magazine article which prompted my reaction.  Her piece is a most interesting read.

Then, enjoy these interview segments with Jerry Doyle.  I argue different reasons for a lack of sexual heat in marriages today.  Jerry also puts me on the spot to share what the secrets are of a successful relationship.

These are a hoot!  Since Valentine’s Day is upon us, it’s the perfect time to celebrate unions that buck stereotypes.  Here’s to making it work any way that works for you!






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