The World’s Best Stuffing is Easy as Pie…Promise!

26 Nov 2014


At a time when the news is dire on many fronts, here’s hoping you can take a moment to celebrate with those you hold dear.  Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving and offering a little something yummy to go with it….

To me, there is nothing more wonderful than the mix of flavors in a Thanksgiving feast.  Moist roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes smothered in giblet gravy, a side of Illinois Yam Surprise topped with toasted marsh mellows (courtesy the recipe of a dear friend), and of course, stuffing and cranberry sauce to round out the meal.  Since I am something of a purist, I have always preferred simple stuffing.  All the better to enjoy the flavors of everything else on the plate.

Back by popular demand, here is the recipe I got from Family Circle magazine over 30 years ago that I have been making to great reviews ever since. My apologies at not being able to give more specific attribution.  Hopefully, the wonderful cook who came up with this will come forward to take credit.  My family certainly thanks you!

Moist Bread Celery Stuffing – Ingredients

2 sticks lightly salted butter

2 large loaves White Butter Top Home Pride Bread.  (Any white bread with “girth” will do.)

3 cups chopped celery (with leaves)

1-1/2 cups chopped yellow onion

2 extra large eggs

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon salt

12 ounces low sodium chicken broth

1/2 cup finely chopped parsley

Cube 28 slices of bread.  Let sit covered overnight.  About 45 minutes before turkey goes in the oven, melt 2 sticks of butter in a large (12 inch) heavy skillet.  Add celery and onions and cook over medium high heat until tender.  About 15 minutes.  Then, add 2 beaten eggs.  Add salt and pepper.  Slowly add cubed bread to mixture.  Add chicken broth and parsley.  Cook, stirring constantly over low to medium heat, until well blended, probably another 10-15 minutes.  (If it takes longer, perfectly normal!)

You’ll just have to taste it to check for yourself.  When you want to eat it all then and there, you’ll know it’s time to stuff the bird!

Lightly stuff turkey, if you like.  This recipe tastes great whether you stuff the bird or not.

When the turkey is done, remove stuffing and re-brown to get rid of excess moisture.  Spoon into serving casserole, broil in oven and brown for one minute to piping hot and serve.

Enjoy…and whoever you call family, hope you have a rollicking good time together!

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  1. This recipe sounds fantastic,and I will make it tonight.happy thanksgiving Anita.

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