The Jerry Doyle Show

Jerry Doyle, always a fabulous and gracious host.

The Jerry Doyle Show

My colleague, friend, and top syndicated radio host Jerry Doyle passed away suddenly and prematurely last summer.  I wrote Remembering My Unlikely Pal, in tribute to him.   From 2012-2016, he and I had irreverent, free-flowing and often hilarious conversations unlike most interviews you’ll find on radio.  Our topics were varied — and covered the waterfront!

I remain very proud of these segments.  They are proof positive that you can have a smart, in-depth and agreeable discussion with someone from a different end of the political spectrum.  Since so much of what I write is about empowerment and busting stereotypes, Jerry busted a big one as a Conservative man who offered a Progressive woman a huge forum and audience to talk about issues that matter deeply to me.   So many of our discussions are timeless as a result.

Jerry was tops in all respects.  I’m grateful to have a record of our radio collaborations and will always remember him at his very best.

Please pick a topic that interests you below and enjoy…

Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle Talk Millennials Minus Pundit Spin 3/18/2014

Jerry and I discuss Millennials Abandoning Obama: Fickle Youth or Something Deeper.  Pundits are trying desperately to justify the independent streak of Millennials (Gen Yers), since they don't seem as enamored of the President's policies, particularly the Affordable Care Act, as the Washington Post's Dana Milbank and his brethren assumed they would be. The journey of this current generation has been a rough one, coming of...

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Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle 1/21/2014 on Michelle Bachmann: "America Not Ready for a Woman President"

My recent article, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul and the Female Libido,shares that despite Republican claims that they wish to do outreach to women, certain elements of the Party keep shooting themselves in the foot. Now Michelle Bachmann offers up a new chapter via her latest remarks. Find out more in my interview with Jerry Doyle...      

Anita Finlay & Jerry Doyle Talk Successful Relationships 2/11/2014 - Hilarity Ensues

My most recent article, Is Equality and Marriage a Sexual Turn Off, offers an irreverent take on current studies stating that marriages where both partners share chores & child rearing have less sex.  You can also check out Lori Gottlieb’s underlying NY Times magazine article which prompted my reaction.  Her piece is a most interesting read. Then, enjoy these interview segments with Jerry Doyle.  I argue different reasons...

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